Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July Favs

I can't believe it's July 31st.....the time is going by so fast!  I'm sure before I know it I'll be shoving pie and Christmas cookies in my face.  Mmmmm....

Onto my July favs:

Edy's Fruit Bars--photo credit

These fruit bars have a serious 'yum-factor'.  They have bits of real strawberry in them and they have really hit the spot this summer.  Plus, they have kept my sweet tooth at bay and have kept me away from Dairy Queen.  :-)

These tees have been a staple for me this summer.  I am not a flashy girl when it comes to my outfits.  Give me some jean capris, flip flops and a plain colored tee and I am completely satisfied.  So, these tees have been amazingly awesome for this summer. 

Panera Bread--photo credit

Panera has been the new Arby's for me.  Remember when Arby's showed up on this favorites list, and then again on this one? Well, Panera has been 'it' for me lately.  I have been trying different things on the menu each time I go, and I haven't tried a single thing that I haven't liked.  Good job Panera!

I think that may be it for this month.  Happy Tuesday, and thanks for reading! :-)

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