Wednesday, July 18, 2012

One of the Best Kinds of Dates

After a rather horrible week last week, I was so happy to have Monday off.  It was nice to have a little relaxing time after the awful week and busy weekend. 

What made it all the more special?  I got to have a little 'date' with Ryder.  I love spending time with Darren and Ryder together, but sometimes it's nice to be alone with either one of them.  I love being able to spend some quality alone time with my little each of my guys, especially Ryder. It's so great being able to spend some alone time with him, especially since I work all week and really only feel like I get some decent 'quality time' with him on the weekends.  And, we all know the weekends tend to fly by.....

Ryder and I went down to Bloomington to run some errands and do a little shopping, and we were able to enjoy a nice lunch together.  He was such a good boy, and was all laughs and smiles , and was 'talking' up a storm.  It was so wonderful to be able to spend the entire day alone with him.

Mommy/son days are the best, in my opinion anyway.  Especially when you have a little guy that decided to be extra cooperative that day. :-)

Love you, little man!  You made mommy's Monday extra special.  :-)

Happy Wednesday.  Thanks for reading! :-)

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