Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

This is my first time linking up with Sarah for Thursday Thoughts, and after doing this, I'm not sure why I never did it before.  Better late than never, right?! ;-)

I am extremely tired today.  I went to bed a little later than usual last night because I decided to become 'Sara: Super Duper Power Editor' to finish up editing this most recent family photo session I had done.  Little did I know that on top of staying up later, I wasn't able to really fall asleep at all.  No fun.

Because of being extra sleepy, I was running a little late this morning.  Ryder and I were getting ready to pile into the vehicle to get him to daycare, when all of sudden he biffs it....right in the mud.  So, I had to take him inside, clean him off, then get him to daycare.  What a stinker. 

I can't stop thinking about everything we have to get done in order to move in the next few months.  We are installing hard wood floor in a portion of the new house, and we are ripping down wall paper and painting the downstairs at that house as well.  We have to pack up all of our crap belongings, make sure the house is super clean in case it is shown, and move it all in to the new house.  On top of that, we both get to work full time, parent our child, and factor in the business that comes from photo sessions/wedding sessions.  I'm a little dizzy.....but it'll all be worth it in the end. :-)

I am so excited to get our golden retriever puppy in October.  We decided to pick out a boy pup from the upcoming litter, and we are trying to decide on names.  Any suggestions?  We are thinking of naming him Chandler.  Any guesses on what show that is from...? haha

Club foot got better for awhile, but recently it decided to come back for a visit.  I really have no idea what I did....but considering I have random bruises on my knees and legs all of the time, it really doesn't surprise me that I know have a club foot that comes and goes at it pleases.

That's all for today, peeps.  Happy Thursday, and thanks for reading! :-)


Jessie said...

I just laughed out loud when I read that Ryder 'Biffed' it in the mud. Seriously, hilarious.

Hmm. Dog names. How about. Henry. Yes. Henry. Or. Finnick. I like Finnick.

Sara said...

You should have seen him go down in that mud. It was like slow motion....haha.

I like the name Finnick (nice Hunger Games reference btw), but I still do dig the name Chandler. :) I guess we'll see!

Sar said...

I think Chandler is an adorable dog name! SO CUTE!

Glad you found us and linked up! You're always more than welcome! Make sure to enter the $50 giveaway I have currently, too!


Katie said...

Golden retreiver puppies are seriously the cutest. So jealous, my fiance is a pet-phobe! Lame!

happy thursday!

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