Thursday, July 12, 2012

Update Ride...Get on Board!

There's a little bit of this and that to update you all on.  Are you ready for the ride?

.....I really like rides, you know, like roller coasters?  A trip to Six Flags sounds fun.....

See, I ramble, and get off topic quite easily.  It's how I roll.

So, onto the updates.

::: We are moving out of our current house in the next month or so, and moving into the other house.  We are doing some things to the new house, like painting and installing some new floors, but, it shouldn't take much time at all.  We made the decision that our current house looks better from a selling point when it is empty, so we've decided to move earlier than expected.  Fun, right? I'm actually pretty darn excited to move.  I love the lot the new house sits on, and there are so many possibilities with the house in general.  Plus, it has a pool! Yeehaw!!!

....not sure where 'yeehaw' came from. 

..................Mmmkay.  Name that show!

::: We are getting a puppy!!! It took some major coaxing on my part, but Darren has agreed that adding a golden retriever to our pet family would be a good move.  We already have two cats and one dog.  Our cats really stick to themselves and like to hang upstairs most of the time, and they try to ignore the dog we have now.  Our dog is a small fiesty thing that loves everyone (including our cats) so I think adding a new dog will be OK.  It may take some getting used to on everyone's part, but, I know it'll all work out.  The litter is due to arrive in late August, so the puppy will be ready to come home in October.  I AM SO EXCITED!!!!! :-)

::: I am currently on a break from school, but I start two new classes in a few weeks.  One is about color management and to make sure the color from my camera, to my computer, to print, is all cohesive and the same.  The other class is all about lighting (outdoor and indoor).  I am pretty excited for both of them, but we'll see how it goes taking two of these at one time....I've only ever taken one photography class at a time.  Wish me luck!!

::: Ryder says two spanish words: hola and agua.  It's hilarious.  If you say the word 'water' to him, he responds with agua.  Gotta' love Dora the Explorer!

::: Speaking of Ryder, he has turned into the quite the little monster.  He doesn't listen, he climbs everything, he jumps on everything, and time out has no effect on him.  But, he's still a little sweetie pie when he wants to be.  I love our cuddle time, and he gives great hugs and kisses! :-)

I adore this face, and picture, even if it is a tad bit blurry.

That is all.  Thanks for reading.  Happy Thursday! :-)


Darren said...

South Park.......prize please!!!

Sara said...

Congratulations Darren. Your prize is one of the brownies I made last night. Bon appetite!

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