Tuesday, August 28, 2012

10 Day YOU Challenge: Eight Fears

Linking up with Lauren and Tiffany for the 10 Day You Challenge.  Today is eight fears.


I am terrified of losing the people closest to me and I love the most.  This fear seems to grow as I get older.  Lately, there has been a lot of loss in my community, and it just makes me incredibly sad and fearful of the future sometimes.


This may seem juvenile, but I am TERRIFIED of these creepy crawly creatures.  It's rare that I build up enough courage to kill them myself.  Normally I'm screaming my head off and demanding that the hubby come in and take care of it for me.  Ick! 

Intense Storms

I still freak out when the power goes out or when we are under certain weather advisories.  The sound of extremely loud thunder or the brightness of lightning still makes me jump out of my skin sometimes.

'Big' Objects

You know those big wind turbines that are slowly taking over the countryside?  Yeah, they freak me out.  Big, tall skyscrapers? Yeah, they freak me out a bit too.  Cruise ships?  Don't even get me started!  Pretty sure if I was face to face with a blue whale, I'd wet myself.  No lie.  I am not sure where this fear comes from; I don't really understand it myself. 

The Dark

To this day, I still can't sleep in complete darkness.  I've never been able to.  I don't have a night light or anything, but, I do sleep with the TV on all night long.  I also have wallflower plug-in night lights that will light up our hallways a bit so I am never in complete darkness, unless the power goes out, in which case I hide under the covers.


I don't like heights at all.  I get freaked out when I am higher up than normal, even if it's just in a tall building.  I only fly on a plane when I am forced, and I would never be caught dead bungee jumping or sky-diving.  Kudos to those that can do these things; I'm just not one of 'em.

Losing my wallet, phone, purse, etc....

Seriously, I have a lot of important things in my purse, phone and wallet.  My dayminder is in my purse, and there's no way I would keep everything straight if I lost it.  The thought of misplacing or losing these items terrifies me.  You may think I'm kidding....not at all.

The Future/Unknown

The unknown definitely terrifies me.  I am a planner, and not being able to plan for everything the future will bring scares the beejeezus out of me.  I just want to be prepared for everything, even thought I know that's impossible in most cases.

There you have it folks; my eight fears. 

Happy Tuesday!! :-)


Sippy Cups and Pearls said...

I think the unknown is a BIG one....of course, the unknown I can relate to most was getting an epidural and having a baby. hahaha. stopping by the link up party! excited to check out more of your blog! your little description over there under about your name was cracking me up! lol.

Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

Great list. 1 is scary. I used to be afraid of the storms, but when I was little my mom told me that thunder was God bowling and lighting was when he got a strike. Since then I have honestly not been scared! Thanks for linking up!

Roothless.xo said...

I used to be scared of the dark. I forced myself to fall asleep until I somewhat got over it.
Nice list!


Ag.perdew said...

The unknown is scary. I am afraid of the unknown of Darkness. I am coming over via Lauren and Tiffanys 10 challenge. I connected with your GFC. You can find me @ http://www.onecreativeprocrastinatinggal.blogspot.com

Tiffany said...

Oooh the future/unknown is freaky for me too--so many things you just have to let happen, but that's so hard sometimes. Thanks so much for linking up!

Claire said...

The future is really scary. No matter how hard I try to think positively about things, somehow the fear just keeps on seeping back.

I've made so many wrong decisions because of this fear.

Loss is something so scary I can't even bring myself to talk about it.

Sara said...

Claire--I couldn't agree with you more! I have a hard time discussing loss as well.

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