Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday's Letters

Linking up with Ashley for Friday's Letters. :-)

Dear Friday, I am so happy you're here!  You took forever to show your face this week, and I must say, you look just ravishing. :-)

Dear new blog template, I LOVE YOU!  I love everything about the way you look on my neck of the web.   A mega-huge thanks to Monica at Designer Blogs for hooking me up!

Dear Art Institute, You were able to switch me from my current photography program to the different photography program I had requested.  You are awesome! I am so excited to be signed up for this one, and to start all of the new classes!

Dear bad driver from this morning, Seriously, I don't think you know how to go one speed.  I passed you once, then you passed me, and then I passed you again, and then you passed me.  And, this happened a few more times, all while I was maintaining the same speed.  It was a tad bit irritating.

Dear weather, I have one outdoor photo session tomorrow, so please try not to be so unbearbly H-O-T.  If you could cooperate with me around 11am until about noon, that would be super duper fantastic.

Dear baked goods, I have to make you this weekend for a bake sale on Monday.  I know the hubby wants me to make extra for him, which is no good, considering I would then partake in the taste testing.  This is definitely not a good situation.

Dear hubby and little man, I am so happy the weekend is here and I get to spend some more time with you two.  This week I have been swamped with things, and the quality time was seriously lacking.  I plan on making up for this throughout the weekend.  Love you both!

Happy Friday, and thanks for reading!! :-)


Nicholl Vincent said...

I love the blog design too! Looks fantastic

Happy a great weekend! Drop by and say hello!

Katie said...

I hate bad drivers like that, so annoying!

Stopping by from Life of Love from the link up!

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