Thursday, August 9, 2012

Gah....I Need a Vacay!

So, I seriously need some type of vacation....not necessarily to go anywhere, but to just catch up on all of my loose ends. 

Anyway, I have been meaning to post these sneak peeks from my sessions this past weekend/Tuesday evening, but you know how it goes.

Without any further adeu, I give you, the sneak peeks. :-)

The first session was with a family and their little 6 month old.  I love getting to see them every 3 months!

What an adorable little family!

He is seriously too cute for words!

Too sweet. :-)

This second session was with a newborn baby girl.  I love being able to spend time with these gives me my baby fix for awhile. :-)  It took her awhile to go to sleep, but once we put her this basket, she relaxed and was out.  As soon as we took her out of the basket, she woke up. 

I got to try out my new backdrop with her.  I love how it gets lighter in the it a nice vintage look. :-)

This last session was with a little lady who is turning one!

LOVE her expression in this last one!

I had another session last night with an adorable 3 month old, but I have yet to post any sneak peeks.  Once I get them done, I'll try not to wait a century and a half to post them on here.

Thanks for reading!

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