Monday, August 13, 2012

I've Missed This

I started up classes again last Thursday.  I was originally signed up for Color Management and Business of Photography II.   Well, because I'm a procrastinator, I decided to change one of my courses at the last minute.  I know, shame shame. So, instead of taking the business course, I am now taking the Lighting course.  I decided to do this switch the second day of classes, so it was still early on, but I was stressed to the max.  There were tons of things I needed to buy for this lighting course, but thank goodness for Amazon.  One day shipping is amazing! :-) We should just start calling Amazon 'TAA' know...for The Amazing Amazon. I wit totally just blew your minds.

So, this weekend I was pretty busy playing catch-up with my assignments, editing, and spending some quality time with the fellas which included a northern shopping trip to IKEA and other stores, and let's just say the hubby was more than thrilled for this adventure.  He loves shopping more than I do!!--please note, this is sarcasm--  He didn't complain once though, so for that I give him mega props. :-)

Anyway, back to class....

It had been quite some time since I had an assignment where I actually had to go out and take landscape/nature pictures.  Once I was out doing it, I realized how much I had missed it!  I decided to pick out some of the ones I took and edit them for my own personal enjoyment.  Some were at sunset, and others were at the early hours of sunrise.

I may actually have one of these printed as a standout or canvas gallery wrap to hang in the house.  We'll see...if more assignments include me taking landscape/nature pics, I may have more that I'd like to have printed.

Happy Monday, and thanks for reading!!

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