Friday, August 31, 2012

Thursday Night at the Park

After dinner last night, we decided to go out to the park to let Ryder exert some energy.  I just got my new lens in the mail yesterday, and I definitely wanted to try it out, so I decided to take a few pics of our park fun. :-)

He absolutely loves being on swings. 

His expression kills me in this one.  He cracks me up.

Haha, love this one.  :-)

"Ok, yo, I've had about enough of this swing jazz...."

One of Darren's hobbies is yo-yoing (is 'yoing' a word?) and he's actually really awesome at it!!

Doing a trick called the 'UFO'

Mmmmm, sunset lighting. ;-)

'Ello there handsome :-)

At this point we were hot because it was so dang humid, and I think Darren was a bit tired from chasing Ryder around while I futzed with my camera.

The verdict on the lens?  LOVE!  It may be my new favorite, for the time being at least.

Happy Friday, peeps! :-)


Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

Great photos! wish I had some sort of talent with a camera!

Claire said...

Wow! These pics remind me of how fun it is to be on a swing! Woooohoooo!

I bet your little man had so much fun!

I can't believe this was taken after dinner. The sun sets here at around 6pm.

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