Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

Linking up with Sar for another installment of Thursday Thoughts. :-)

We have a pretty big fundraiser going on at work, and as part of the fundraiser, one of the activities is to pay money to wear jeans on a pre-determined day.  This year, there are two days that we get to do this (yay), with the first day being extra special.  Along with jeans, we got to wear tennis shoes and our favorite sports team shirt or jersey. 

Why, hello there comfy shoes.  I heart you.

Hello Chicago Bears shirt.  I really hope you guys win lots o' games this season!

To some of you, this may not be overly exciting, but, since I have to play dress up every day, being able to switch it up for at least one or two days a year is uber awesome. :-)

I did really well last week with eating right and trying to stick to a healthier routine.  That has gone out the window this week.  I have no one to blame but myself, and maybe the establishments for offering such delicious varieties of food...but really, mostly myself.  I guess my junk will just keep on jigglin'...

Many of you know that I am currently taking classes towards a photography degree.  I am thinking of completely changing this up and signing up for a different degree, still dealing with photography, but going a whole different route.  I have a call in to my counselor to discuss it further.  I am hoping I am able to get the switch accomplished....

My son has learned how to say "DON'T."  So, whenever we tell him to stop doing something he's not supposed to be doing, he pairs the words "NO" and "DON'T", and keeps repeating them.  I think we are in trouble.  Ryder has also leanred the art of 'baby talk.'  So, he'll come up to the dog, the cats, or to me and Darren, and start babbling in 'baby talk', as if he were a grown up talking to baby, and then he'll kiss us.  We have no idea where he learned this, because we have never talked to him in a 'baby talk manner.'  We've always talked to him like an adult.  The things kids pick up, I tell ya'.

I am incredibly busy the next few months with photography sessions.  It is amazing!  However, once I start up classes again, and pair it with photography sessions/weddings, and add in ample family time and other obligations, and top it all off with working a full-time gig....holy cow...that's a lot of stuff.  Keeping busy means I stay more active, which is a plus. :-)  I always find a way to fit it all in; but hopefully I can do this without losing my sanity, or what's left of it anyway.

Happy Thursday, and thanks for reading! :-)


mrs. tabb said...

lol " my junk will keep in jiggling" you're funny!


Sar said...

I just bought a Nifty 50 lens and I'm so excited to play around with it! Big girl, right here.

Happy Thursday! Love that your office lets you "pay" to wear jeans! What a good fundraiser!

Claire said...

Wow! Hmmm...I am the president of our faculty club and I might just steal this idea of paying to wear jeans! We have a very strict dress code.

Your baby is so cute! I love your story!

Katie said...

I laughed at "my junk will just keep on jigglin'" because that is absolutely me right now. Sometimes I just can't stay away from the cake. Okay, always.

I like the idea of paying to wear jeans, what a great idea!

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