Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

Linking with Sar for another round of Thursday Thoughts! :-)

I discovered today that Old Navy is having a jeans sale. Um, yay!!! I definitely need some new jeans for fall.  I just wish I looked cuter in the skinny jeans.  My jiggle gets in the do my lovies...aka love handles.  More of me to love, right?! 

I am so excited for fall!!  Football, cookouts, hoodies, boots, hoodies, smores, Thanksgiving, smores, hoodies....Oh boy oh boy!!!! 

I had an impromptu session with my little guy the other day.  Check out the pics here.  Why can't he act this cute and smile when I actually schedule a session with him?!

We are a little over 40 fans away from our next giveaway on Facebook.  I can't believe we are that close to 250 fans!  If you get a chance, and if you want to help us out, check out the S & D Maurer Photography page on Facebook by clicking on the Facebook social networking button above.  It may just make my day! ;-)  You don't have to...this is just my attempt at soliciting the biz.  Don't hate me. ;-)

The Fairbury Fair started yesterday.  I really miss the 'old' Fairbury fair, you know, with creepy carnies, and, above all else, the rat game!! That crap was awesome! 

 We are going out there tomorrow night to hang with some friends, and we are taking Ryder out there Saturday so he can enjoy some of the festivities.  One of the main attractions for the above 21 crowd is the beer tent, and believe it or not, I have never EVER been to the beer tent to partake in the 'fun.'  Gasp all you is true.  So, we are going there tomorrow night.  This should be interesting.  I'm looking forward to seeing some great friends, though.

OH MY...I found a video of the rat game.  Suuwwweeet!

Happy Thursday friends, and thanks for reading!!


Jessie said...

THE RAT GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was my favorite. Seriously. A quarter and a prize. But I always felt sorry for that rat....How did he not get dizzy in that spinning case?

Sar said...

Mmmmm, s'mores...

Claire said...

Enjoy the Fairbury Fair...though I don't know what it is. :) It sounds fun. I hope to see some pics!

Sara said...

Oh Claire, trust me... There will be an abundance of pictures of all the Fairbury Fair madness. :-)

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