Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

I am linking up with Sar for Thursday Thoughts. :-)

This is actually my second post for today.  I did an earlier post with all of the sneak peeks that I have posted recently on Facebook for my photo clients.  I would have put it all in one post, but, I didn't want you all to be bored to death because it would have been super duper long, and I really didn't want you all to secretly want to poke out your eyes to get away from the madness....

I started two new classes today for my photography degree: Color Management and Business of Photography II.  It is a seriously heavy work load folks.  Wish me luck, and let's all hope I don't go insane.  If for some reason I go missing and you can't find me, just look in the basement corner, which is where I'll be, huddled up in disarray and in shambles.

I took these pictures of Ryder with my phone the other day.  He looked so cute running around in his little 'jammie' shorts.  I wish I would have had my other camera out to get a decent shot, but what can ya' do.

Love his little rolls. :-)

Sunday I decided to be little miss Suzy Homemaker.  I baked three dozen cookies; a big batch of no bake cookie bars; french dip sandwiches in the crock-pot (from scratch!!); cheesy potatoes; a gi-normous cake; and these little delights :-)

Homemade bruschetta!!  It was seriously delicious.  I used a crusty loaf of french bread; goat cheese (good food, bad name); red onion; and tomatoes.  I buttered up each piece of bread and 'toasted' it over the stove in a skillet, piled on the rest of the ingredients, drizzled with some EVOO and threw it under the broiler.  If you like goat cheese, try this stuff. 

My allergies have been a pain in my arse the past few months.  I take a Claritin every day, and sometimes it does nothing to alleviate the symptoms.  Yesterday it felt like I was getting a sinus infection, but today I am feeling up to snuff.  Who knows...

That's it for this Thursday.  I hope this was all riveting for you to read.  I know it was riveting for me to type. ;-)

Happy Thursday, and thanks for reading!


Sar said...

OHMYGOSH, those newborn pictures are adorable! LOVE your work!

Anonymous said...

OMG Bruschetta YUM I love good Bruschetta

Abbey said...

Your version of bruschetta looks so good! I don't like basil, so I don't like the typical kind of bruschetta. But you can cook for me anytime! :)

Claire said...

Wow! Looks like you cooked up a storm! Wish I was there to partake some of it! I love baked goodies and bruschetta!

Your baby is soooo adorable! I miss having a baby. I have one...but he's bigger than I am now. haha!

I took a look at the photos you took. They are so lovely! I wish you were here to shoot my engagement pics!

Sara said...

Thanks Claire!! He's getting so big and it makes me so sad. I can't believe how fast the time goes!

And thank you so much for your compliments on the pictures!! I absolutely love doing it. :-)

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