Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Random-dizzles

:::You like my title today?  Yeah, I thought it was pretty jazzy.

:::I am a little irritated today.  I apologize; I promise not to take it out on any of you. ;-)

:::For our photography site, I was able to incorporate a password protected client viewing/proofing area.  So, instead of clients having to go to a completely different site for this, they can view their galleries directly on our site.  I'm pretty excited to be able to offer this! :-)  It's all a work in progress, but I am totally digging the new site.

:::I am excited/nervous about photographing the wedding tomorrow.  I think it's normal to feel this way...right?!

:::I have decided that for our anniversary, Darren and I are getting a new TV.  Who's the best wife eeeevvvveeeerrrrr???

:::I can't believe I forgot to mention this!!  Our new puppy was born last week!! The breeder sent us pictures and they are all SO CUTE!  We get first pick of males, so we are going to pick out the puppy the middle of October, and we get to bring him home on the 19th.  I am stoked!

:::I posted this announcement on Facebook last night and I wanted to post it on here too. Our Holiday Mini Session date has been set, and we have already started booking time slots.  If you are interested, feel free to contact us for more details. :-)

Happy Friday!  Catch ya' on the flip side, friends. :-)

1 comment:

Recently Roached said...

You are totally the best wife ever. We need a new TV, too!

Good luck with the wedding, I'm sure you will do fabulously!

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