Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Picture Post

So, I have a lot of pictures to share...beware.  ;-)

The first set is from an engagement session we had with my mother-in-law and her future husband.  They wanted a few indoor images to keep for themselves and to put in the paper.  I love how they turned out!

My favorite. :-)

How do you like the new logo?!  I totally dig it.

The next set of pics are from a random session with Ryder.  He determines when he wants to have his picture taken, not the other way around, so when he's willing, I jump at the opportunity.  I didn't get the chance to edit any of them, but I still cherish these pictuers. :-)

And he's spent. ;-)  Poor thing....he hated the stool we put him on.  Oh well....

I purchased an external flash a while back for our upcoming booked weddings, so I decided to fiddle with it a little bit.  Guess who got to be my test subject?!

Yep, Ryder did!

He was playing telephone with his hand.  Not sure where he picked that up from?  Normally he plays this game with an actual phone....


Hey hey good lookin'

This is actually a pretty neat trick.  You go Darren!  Get down your bad yo-yo flingin' self! ;-)

Happy Wednesday, peeps!  Have a 'fly' day! ;-)


Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

Very nice! I love your little subject and the new logo!

Abbey said...

The external flash pictures turned out great!

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