Wednesday, September 12, 2012

R-Dubs First Flight

This past Sunday my dad was kind enough to let me utilize his flight instructor position for a shooting assignment I had for class. 

Thanks dad!  My teacher LOVED the pictures and told me I did an excellent job portraying your occupation.  Score for me!

We decided to let Ryder have a peek at the inside of the plane.   But, before I get into this, let me back up a bit...

My dad LOVES to fly!  He is a private flight instructor on the side, and if he had it his way, flying would be his full-time gig.  He is always up for taking people for rides in the plane.  I never go, because I'm not the biggest fan of flying.  Ever since Ryder was born, dad has been begging me to let him take Ryder up in the plane.  It's always been a big N-O.  I didn't think Ryder was old enough or big enough, and I am just a tad over-protective of my little guy.  I knew he would be perfectly safe in the care of my dad, but knowing that still didn't change my mind.  I was set in my ways and knew it would be another year or two until I would give in.

That is.....

Until....I saw this....

Just melt my heart right now....look at how dang happy he is in that plane!

:-)  It makes me smile from ear to ear.

Dad gave me this look, and I knew I would give in.  I let him take my baby up in the plane, just as long as the hubby went with.

There go all of my boys.  I was surprisingly calm throughout the whole flight.

He was literally sprinting up to me after getting out of the plane.  He was so happy and was jabbering all about it!!  I could tell he was still excited! :-)

What can I say?  Ryder loves being with his 'paw paw'.  I knew I would give in to the whole 'flying thing' eventually, I just didn't think it would be so soon.

There was no crying on his part, or mine for that matter, so I call this a successful first flight!  I'm pretty sure this made my dad's year! :-)

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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