Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

Linking up with Sar for Thursday Thoughts! :-)

Can I just take a second and mention how unbelieveably gorgeous the weather is in Illinois right now?!  Omagoodness, it is glorious! If it was like this all year round, I would be happy.  I love hoodies, and this weather, especially at night, is perfect for them. :-)

I am getting ready to announce a giveaway on our Facebook business page.  I am incredibly excited to offer this.  We've done three in the past and they have been awesome.  I am still working on the details, so stay tuned. :-)

Our goal is to be moved into our new house by next Sunday/Monday.  Have I packed?  That would be a big fat no.  I need to get on this....and trust me, I've tried.  I am so dang busy with everything else I have had literally no time to pack.  Who wants to do this for me?! ;-)

I started a new class today: Printing.  I'm sure I'll be less stressed since I am only take one course right now, and not two.  We'll see how it goes!

I am in the mood for pumpkin bars with cream cheese icing.  Who's with me????!!!!

Mmmmhmmmmm....good stuff, man!

Happy Thursday, friends!


Jessie said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh. Pumpkin Bars! That might be a weekend project! Oh. And let me know if you need help moving! Mwah.

Tamara said...

Mmmmm. Pumpkin bars. Cream Cheese. *drool*

Sar said...

Pumpkin bars?! With cream cheese?! HOW COME I AM NOT CURRENTLY EATING ONE RIGHT NOW?!

Good luck with your FB giveaway! I don't have a FB, but if I did I'd totally enter. ;)

Abbey said...

I've never really gotten the whole pumpkin craze. But I do love me some cream cheese icing. Yummm. Good luck in your new class!

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