Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

Linking up with Sar for another round of Thursday Thoughts! :-)

Well, we officially moved in to our other house.  Sunday/Monday were long, tiring days, but, for the most part, we are settled.  Now I just have to unpack all of the random items still in boxes, and I have to get my studio set-up for an indoor session I have this Sunday.  It'll all get done, but, seeing all of those boxes and not being completely organized gives me anxiety. 

We wrapped up the end of September by photographing a gorgeous outdoor wedding.  It was seriously a beautiful day.  I was in love with the colors/flowers used in the wedding....maybe because it reminded me a lot of my own wedding day.  We have two more weddings this year, and are booked solid this fall with portrait sessions, and have a packed day of mini sessions.  It'll be busy, but I'm looking forward to it. :-)

It would be really nice if the weather decided to stay one temperature.  For example, today in Central Illinois, it is supposed to be a high of 80*.  Tomorrow, the high is supposed to be in the upper 50's.  My head is like a barometer, and I can always tell when a front is coming through.  Unfortunately, I am prone to headaches when this happens, which of course started today.  Heeeelllloooo Excedrin! :-)

I am already starting to plan Thanksgiving and get my game plan in order for Black Friday shopping.  I'm also starting to plan Ryder's 2nd birthday party, which will be in December.  Too soon? 

I wish I liked coffee.  I really need to cut down on the pop, but coffee just isn't my thing.  Anyone know of any good brands/flavors of coffee I can try?  Maybe some awesome tasting creamers?  I love chocolate and caramel, so maybe something that incorporates those flavors?  I'm up for any suggestions!

Happy Thursday, peeps! :-)


Claire said...

Congratulations! I have just nominated you for the Liebster Award. Please check my post at for more info.

Sara said...

Thank you so much Claire!!! :-) That's so awesome!

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