Friday, October 26, 2012

Weekend To-Do List

This weekend, I plan on accomplishing these no particular order:

--Spend time with an amazing friend and her little girl
--Continue editing wedding/portrait sessions
--Photograph a beautiful October wedding
--Drink massive amounts of hot chocolate
--Put my feet up for a bit
--Wake myself up from my hot chocolate coma
--Take some Halloween pictures of R-Dub
--Continue drinking hot chocolate
--Fold laundry
--Spend TONS of time with my boys
--Watch some Halloween-esque these:

Halloween--classic stuff right there, yo.
Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers--because it's way more awesome than 2,4, and 5.  Notice I skipped #3.  Yeah, because that one is dumb...Michael Myers is not even involved. It involves a Halloween
mask company with plans to kill people by hiding something in the Halloween masks.....ok?
Hocus Pocus--gotta throw at least one family oriented movie in the mix...haha.  My friend and I were just talking about this one, and now I'm totally in the mood to watch it.

The Exorcist--this movie still rocks.

The Scream flicks--pretty good flicks for being a bit corny. 

Poltergeist--One of my "horror" faves.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre--is it bad that I laugh my way through this one?

....just to name a few...

I think there may be some hot chocolate in my weekend forecast, but I can't be too sure of that right now.. ;-)

Happy Friday!! What are you all doing this weekend?!

1 comment:

Ashley said...

Oh October weddings are my favorite. Have fun shooting the wedding!

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