Wednesday, November 7, 2012

All I Want for Christmas

....I have no idea.  People ask me what I want for Christmas, and I really haven't a clue what to tell them.    I definitely would prefer that no one buy me anything, but, we all know how that goes. I know what I will be buying myself for the big ho ho ho day, but as far as what to tell everyone else, bah, I don't know.  And yes, I buy myself presents.  In fact, this is what the hubby and I do.  We don't really buy eachother gifts.  We buy gifts for ourselves throughout the year, and then we may buy a thing or two together or for ourselves around the holiday season.  We're a strange bunch.  I'm ok with it.

So,  here are some things I have my eye on that I'm hoping to snag up myself this year.  I honestly don't expect, nor do I want anyone else to buy me this stuff.  This is my list for myself.  Make sense?  Not really?  Mmmmk.  ;-)

Apple iPad 2 Tablets
An Ipad

I have had my eye on these since they came out.  I already have a Kindle Fire that I use for reading and some internet stuff, but I love me some Apple products, so, I kind of want to bite the bullet and get one.  We'll see if I can find a ballin' black Friday deal or not.  Let's hope I do!! :-)

Sony BDP Blu-ray Disc Player with Wi-Fi (Black)

We already have one Blu-Ray player, but I would really like to put our current one in our bedroom, and get a new one for the living room.  Again, I am hoping I can find an awesome black Friday deal for this item.

Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L USM Telephoto Zoom Lens for Canon SLR Cameras      Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L IS USM Macro Lens for Canon Digital SLR Cameras
Source                                                             Source

Some new lenses

So, I know I just bought an awesome lens, but these two would be fantastic additions to my collection.  However, these will have to wait.  They are definitely worth some dolla' bills, y'all.  Time to save up!

Plus Size Wilsons Leather Classic Lamb Belted Hipster w/ Zip Out Liner - Wilsons Leather

I'm terrible about wearing coats and jackets.  To be quite honest, I don't even own a winter jacket right now.  Yes, scold me if you must, but, I don't have one.  I have a hard time with wool coats/pea coats with the buttons, and I used to have a leather jacket, and I adored it.  I think I want to go back to leather.  We'll see if I can find a good deal on one of these, too. :-)

Source                                                                 Source

More UGG goodness

I am addicted to UGGs, whether my husband likes it or not.  So, I'm hoping to add at least one new pair to my stash this year.

Well, that's it for my list of things I'm hoping to buy for myself.  If I am able to snag up just one of these things, I will be super duper happy. :-)

Now, what to buy everyone that's on my list?!  That's another post entirely.  Just know that I'll be checking my naughty or nice list...maybe even twice. ;-)

Happy Wednesday, peeps! :-)


Lindsey said...

We also don't buy gifts and just get what we want. It makes things so much easier and it's still fun deciding what to get. I already ordered my gift, an iPad mini. TJ hasn't quite decided yet what he wants. But I don't think it's weird. This way we are getting what we want and not having to guess or decide on our own how much to spend. I asked my mom to buy me the diaper bag I want, but other than that I don't know what I want either. Merry Christmas!

Erica Bodker said...

I'm you newest follower from the blog hop, I would love for you to come by and follow back and join my blog hop :)

Anonymous said...

Following from Amber's blog hop! I want an ipad TOO!! New follower here!!

Rachel said...

I will never stop wearing Uggs because they're so comfortable. I love the look of the sweater ones on the left.

New follower. Stop by and say hello. :)


leatherbaba said...
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