Friday, December 7, 2012

He Loves Cake, What Can I Say?

Yesterday I bought a small cake for the three of us to enjoy for R-Dub's actual birthday.  We are having cupcakes on Sunday at his party, but, having a special treat on your actual birthday is completely necessary.  Me and my jiggles were all about it. 

Mmmm, hello frosting.

Hello birthday boy! :-)

So, Ryder is strange and doesn't like to touch certain foods.  He got some frosting on his fingers and freaked out. 

But then he tasted it and all was right in the world.

The shirt had to go once he had his own piece of cake.  Green frosting + white shirts just don't mesh well together.

Geeze, talk about 'big bites.'

I was laughing my ass off watching him eat this cake.  After one bite he was like "MM MM MMMMMMM."  He cracks me up. :-)

What a little stinker.

End result.  This was seriously good cake. :-)

I think Ryder had a good birthday.  The real fun comes on Sunday for his Star Wars themed birthday bash! :-)  I'm excited to get it all set up, so be on the look-out for pics in a few days.

Happy Friday, peeps.  Take it easy. :-)

1 comment:

Claire said...

He's sooo cute! And that cake looks so pretty! Happy birthday again to your adorable son.

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