Monday, December 10, 2012

Weekend Shenanigans: Toddler Style

Once the holiday season arrives, it seems like the weekends fly by faster than normal. 
Can someone explain to me why this is fair? 
Or why we only have two weekend days and five work days? 
Or why it's called peanut butter?

But, anyway, this weekend was a busy one.  I had two photo sessions, which were beyond awesome.  I will be posting sneak peeks soon. --sidenote--I have decided to get rid of the photography blog.  I know, I know, I made such a tizzy about having one in the first place, but let's get real for a sec....I just don't have the time to coordinate posts for two separate blogs.  So, I will dedicate one or two posts a week for photography related crap.  I think it will work out splendidly. :-)

Back to the weekend shenanigans....

Friday Ryder had his two year well-check appointment.  He weighs 32lbs (we think--I'll explain momentarily) which puts him in the 75th percentile, and he is approx. 35 inches tall, which puts him between the 50th-75th percentile.  The doc said we have a smart little guy and he is developing right on track.  We are going to start working on potty training a bit more and a few other things, but, apparently Ryder is too smart for his own good.  Go figure.

The doc visit as a whole was not good.  I mean, the doc and staff were awesome as usual, but, Ryder 'scream-cried' the entire time.  Once the kids turn two, apparently they get to stand on the 'big kid' scale, and not sit on the infant one.  Well, Ryder wouldn't stand on the big scale, nor would he sit on the infant scale.  This was one of the worst fits I've seen him throw....and I'm not sure why he did.  Nothing traumatic has ever happened at that office, so I have no idea what the issue was.  I'm sure not having a nap beforehand didn't help.  BUT, to get his weight, Darren had to weigh himself, and then hold Ryder to get his weight.  Getting his height was a real treat, too.  We had to hold down his head, arms, and legs to get an accurate reading.  It was terrible....and don't get me started on his shots.  Thank goodness we have another 6 months before we have to do that again.  The doc and nurses didn't seem phased at all, and when I apologized to the doc about it, he said it was no problem and it was 'normal', and it gets worse.  Yippie. 

Friday night was a big one for our little man.  We decided it was time to convert his crib to the toddler bed.  I wasn't sure how this would go, because with certain things it takes Ryder some time to get used to the changes.  He has done AWESOME with this change!  I was setting up his bed and getting it all ready for him, and then I brought him up so he could look at it.  He walked up and touched his mattress, looked at me and gave me this cute little grin.  He has been sleeping great since we switched it over!  Our little man is just that...a little man...and not a baby anymore. :-(

We also introduced Ryder to our newest 'friend', our Elf on the Shelf Eric (name courtesy of Ryder.)  I'm not sure if Ryder quite understands this concept yet, but Darren told me that Ryder found Eric in his newest spot yesterday morning and started clapping, so I think he knows that the Elf is something special. :-)

Saturday was spent finishing up some shopping for the party, then Saturday night Darren and I had some adult time at his work Christmas party.  I had a headache the next morning, so I'll let you all take a guess as to what I may have been doing at the party....

Sunday was Ryder's party, and I think he had a good time.  That, my friends, is another post entirely. 

Happy Monday, yo'.  I hope you all had a jazzy weekend. :-)


Nicole Buckingham said...

my goodness your recap of a week/end makes my whole year look pretty lame. =) Hang in there with the doc's those little guys are so unpredictable and the staff has seen it all so just do what you need to do to get your little guy and yourself through-- there's my bit of unsolicited advice. sorry?

Following ya now from the sweet GFC blog hop. We're riding the wave of life at Local Sugar Hawaii and I'd so love it if you'd join us for the adventure.


Sara said...

Thanks Nicole! He's never been particularly fond of the doc, but this was the worst freak out yet! I guess I just need to buck up and get used to it. :-)

Thanks for stopping by! I followed your blog as well--super cute!!

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