Friday, June 29, 2012

My Day

Anyone ever use the Photo Booth app?  I have it on my computer, and it helped inspire my post this evening.

I will apologize in advance, the flash is not forgiving on this app, that's for sure!

Any who..................

This is how my day was....

Not good........not terrible....but not good....

However, this is how I feel at the current moment.....

I just turned in my last two assignments for my business of photography class! YAY!!!

Plus....I get a 6 week break!! YAY!

Know what though?

I get to take not one, but two classes after the 6 week break.  Bummer, man!

Happy Friday!  Thanks for reading, and try to stay cool, friends! :-)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Perfect Day for Favorites

Today, I dub thee, 'Favorites Day on the Maurer blog' day....because that's what I feel like posting today.

Is that ok?


Good, great, grand, wonderful!  What movie is that from?  Respond correctly and I'll give you a cookie!

Actually I don't have a cookie to give away.  Buuuut,  knowing your cinema and movie quotes is a wonderful prize all on its own. :-)

I'm rambling....

I can't shut it off......

Ok, favorites!!!

Nike Celso Women's Thong

I actually have these in brown with a splash of pink, and seriously folks, these are super comfy flip flops.  These are my first choice of flip flop right now, unless I'm being really weird and want to wear the flip flop color that matches the color of the top I am wearing....I mean, who does that?  Oh yeah, I do.  All the time actually.  But, back to these flip flops, they are so comfy, that it makes me not want to be weird and match my flip flop color to the color of my top.  I need another pair of these pronto!!!! 

Sonic Food

Who loves food that is not very good for you?  ME!  Who loves food that speaks to your soul?  ME!  Ok, it doesn't speak to me, or my soul.  But, I am hooked on Sonic lately.  All in moderation, right?? :-)  Their burgers are pretty delish, and have I mentioned that they have an ice cream treat consisting of cookie dough AND brownie batter?  Um, I'll take 4562354 of those puh-lease!  Or, maybe I'll just take one of them and savor each bite.  Yeah, sounds like a plan.  YUM!

That concludes my favorites list for June.  Sorry, I'm pretty darn lame these days.  How can I not even have at least three favorite things?  Because, I'm lame.  Why do my favorites lists always consist of food?  Because, I love food.  Oh, and I'm lame.

Happy Thursday!  Thanks for reading, yo'!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

An Adorable Couple

This past Saturday we had an engagement session with the sweetest couple.  The bride-to-be was a bit nervous, but her groom-to-be was such a champ and made her feel comfortable in no time.  They were so much fun!! I can't wait until their wedding! :-)

I love catching the moment before the kiss. :-)

I am in love with the park we used.  There were a couple of awesome bridges and a river that ran through the park.  Loved it!!

Happy Wednesday!  We're halfway to the weekend...whoo hoo!  Thanks for reading. :-)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Being Cute Can Get You Far.....

I was finally able to upload that video of Ryder.  It's just your typical cute-18-month-old-"talking"-video.  Need I say more?! :-)

I will apologize in advance, the video is a tad dark.  I've come to realize my phone doesn't take the best pictures or videos. 

He sounds so innocent.....when he talks to me this way he can get away with anything....ok, maybe not anything, but still....  Can we say spoiled?!

Yep, that's all I've got for today.  Happy Tuesday!  Thanks for reading. :-)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Recap

This past weekend wasn't too shabby....not one bit.

Friday I took the afternoon off so I could spend some extra time with the hubby and Ryder.  We went up to the Lost in Time RD's Drive-In day, and it was beyond delicious.  The pizza burger and banana shake I had were awesome.  I can't stop thinking about the banana shake and how much I really want another one.  Yum!!

Here's Ryder at Lost in Time.  Doesn't he look excited to be there? :-)

Friday afternoon we decided to take Ryder swimming for a little bit.  Sorry, no pics. ;-)  Ryder LOVES the water; I can see him being such a 'fish' when he gets older.

Saturday we had an engagement session with such a sweet couple.  I will share those pics later on this week.  It was such a fun time!

Yesterday was spent putting away Ryder's old clothes/toys; doing laundry; and watching Netflix.  It was a lazy day....a much needed lazy day.

I wanted to share a really cute video of Ryder, but it won't upload.  Maybe some other time...

Here is a picture I snapped this morning.  Nifty, eh?

I wish my cell phone clearer pictures....I really do.

Sorry this is boring.  'Boring' totally explains my mentality today....

Happy Monday!  Thanks for reading.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Cell Phone Pictures...and Aren't They Lovely?!

I decided it was time, yet again, to share the lovely pictures of Ryder, all taken with the camera on my handy dandy cell phone.
You know, because, the foot is the tastiest part....

Not sure why I'm getting the evil death stare.  Maybe I told him no more Lucky Charms...?  Don't mess with this kid's Lucky Charms....seriously.

????....I really don't understand his face in this one...

One eyed stink eye stare....

He just looks plain mad at me

He does so well with my DSLR cameras, so I just don't understand why it's so difficult to take a decent picture of him on my cell phone.  Instagram can't even save these....haha.

P.S.  Today is the RD's Drive-In day at Lost in Time in Fairbury.  If you are in the area, you should stop up.  There is going to be tons of awesome eats! :-)

Happy Friday!!  Thanks for reading. :-)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Some Thoughts

I was talking to Darren and my parents the other day about how I can not imagine life without Ryder.  I was sitting there thinking..."what the heck did we do before we had him?"  It's amazing how much we took advantage of all the free time we had before having the little guy, and now we are so incredibly busy that I long for some extra free time to stroll my way.  You know what though?  Our definition of busy may not be remotely close to what others endure on a daily basis.  It's amazing how lifestyles can differ so drastically from family to family.

I asked Darren what we did in the days pre-child, because honestly, I don't know how we filled our time in those days.  He said that we ran around a lot; went shopping/to the movies/out to eat; took small trips every so often; stayed up late; slept in....yada yada yada.  I know it hasn't been that long ago, but seriously, I'm going to say it again, I cannot image a life without our little dude.

I can't believe there was a time when I didn't have this little man to take pictures of...or to kiss...or to hug...

Not only are we busy with Ryder, but we also work full time, work on our photography biz, and I decided to go back to school.  On top of all of that, we are trying to sell our house so we can move into the other one.  Our lives are so crazy and hectic, I sometimes don't know how we get it all done and manage to keep it all straight.

To be honest, I  have days where I have small breakdowns and can't believe I have this much on my plate, but then on the flip side, I think this busy lifestyle suits us.  For me, it keeps me motivated and busy, and above all else, happy.  I love having a family to spend time with; I love having a photography passion worth pursuing; and I love being able to learn more about it in school (even though I may not always admit my love for school, haha).  Even though I like being busy, some extra free time would be nice every now and then, but I think everyone feels that way from time to time.

Am I the only one to think this way?  Do other people wonder what they did with their time before adding to the family?  Does anyone else sometimes feel completely overwhelmed, but still enjoy the busy bustle?  I know I can make for some very confusing, emotional days.

Happy Wednesday!  Thanks for reading. :-)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hot Stuff

This past Saturday I had a session with 4 adorable kids.  However, it was another scorcher of a Saturday!  The little girls were such troopers through the entire session, even with the nasty heat we had going on. One of the little guys wasn't sure what to think of the camera, and the other little guy was tired and ready for a nap, but, we still got some cute ones.

I love their little outfits.  So cute!

The girls smiled away for me.  I couldn't get enough of them!

Even though there are no smiles in this one, these boys are still absolutely adorable! :-)

It was such a fun time!

Happy Tuesday!  Thanks for reading. :-)

Monday, June 18, 2012

What I Didn't....and What I Did

What I didn't do this weekend:

::: I didn't go to the store like I had planned to get tooth paste, even though I went to a store and could have bought some.  Make sense?
::: I didn't do any homework.  Whoops.
::: I didn't eat healthy.  Again, whoops.
::: I didn't get Ryder's clothes sorted and put away.
::: I didn't make the Smore cupcakes I wanted to.  Cupcakes are wwaaaayyyy better than cake.
::: I didn't get the tan I hoped for.... bummer.
::: I didn't get some things ordered that I really need to order....
::: Did I mention I didn't do any homework?
::: I didn't take indoor pictures of Ryder like I had planned on doing....

..............geeze, did I do anything this weekend?!

What I did do this weekend:

::: I went grocery shopping on a Friday night with my loves <3
::: I had a massive headache and went to bed at 7pm on a Friday night
::: I woke up at 6am on a Saturday morning and decided to get ready for the day
::: I had left over Pizza Hut for breakfast....and it was delicious
::: I had a Saturday morning session with some cutie kids :-)
::: I went swimming with my awesome family on Saturday afternoon
::: I relaxed with my hubby and Ryder Saturday night, and did absolutely NOTHING!
::: I celebrated Father's Day with two amazing dads (Darren and my own dad)
::: I ate a lot of pancakes and bacon
::: I had another massive headache and had to take a nap....
::: I made a 'S'more' kind of cake.  Purdy delicious.... ;-)
::: Above all else, I spent a lot of time with the hubby and R-Dub.  Successful weekend? I say so!

Happy Monday!  Thanks for reading.

BYE! :-)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fifty Shades Trilogy

Need a good book series to read this summer?  Read the Fifty Shades trilogy!!

     Book 1: Fifty Shades of Grey        Book 2: Fifty Shades Darker       Book 3: Fifty Shades Freed

So, I'm not going to lie: I wasn't sure how I would feel about these books...because, well, I heard that they were dirty books.  You know....people doing dirty and naughty things.  But, that's not all what these books are about.

You have a man, coming face to face with all of these emotions that he never thought he would feel for any woman.  You have a woman, coming face to face with loving a man she never thought she could/would love.  You have both of them, coming to terms with inner demons that they must face and challenge together.  There is a ton of romance; action; sadness; love; and above all else.... naughty things.

There is so much depth to these books that I honestly wasn't expecting; I really want to go re-read them.  But, I think I'll wait awhile, and make the reading experience seem somewhat 'new' again.

Please, don't shy away from these books because of the obvious chitter chatter and buzz running rampid.  Read them, and enjoy them!  They are seriously addictive and very  entertaining.  I am super sad that I'm finished....I really want to cry because there isn't another one to immerse myself into.  :-(  Bummer!!

On a side note with this:::  I heard that the movie rights have been purchased for these books.  Hrrrmmmmm.....these would be very...interesting....movies.  Even so, you better believe that I'll drag my poor husband to watch each one in all its glory. :-)

Happy Thursday!  Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

It Was a Hot One!

This past Sunday I had a session with a sweet little family.  This was my second time taking their pictures, and it didn't disappoint in the fun department.  However, it was extremely hot (90+ degrees), and the hotness was accompanied by an annoying wind. 

With all of that going on, I think we still got some cute ones. :-)

This cutie right here....he definitely has a mind of his own.  He really wasn't into the session this time, but I still managed to get a few shots/smiles out of him... :-)

P.S.  See those tattoos on his arms?  I guess he wouldn't take them off and really wanted them on for pictures.  Hilarious!

Have I mentioned how much I love using the railroad tracks during sessions? 

Happy Wednesday! Thanks for reading. :-)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sunset by the Hubby

I may have to print this one to hang.  I'm loving how it turned out.

P.S.  Darren snapped this pic, and I think he did an awesome job!  He was more than kind and left the editing up to me....haha.

Happy Tuesday!  Thanks for reading.  :-)

Monday, June 11, 2012

18 Month Pics

This past weekend we were able to get Ryder to cooperate for a little while for some updated pictures.  All he wants to do is run around like a crazy person, so this was a tremendous feat for us.

Enjoy! :-)

See?  Running around like a craaaazzzzzyyyy person....

I wish we could've gotten some more variety....but I'll take what I can get!

Happy Monday....thanks for reading! :-)

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