Friday, January 18, 2013

Happies and Crappies

This new link-up for Fridays is pretty suuuweeeeet.  Plus, the name for it is pretty awesome, so there ya' go!  You all know how I love me a good let's get to it, shall we?

For the first time, linking up with Stephanie and Sarah for....


--The weather has been nice all week.  The sunshine is such a mood lifter!  I was listening to Elvis Duran the other morning, and he was reading off a study that declared January the most depressing month, but I think this nice weather has definitely helped my mood.

--I just announced that I will be hosting a giveaway on this blog when I reach 50 followers.  That's a major happy, for realz. ;-)  You guys are all awesome!

-- I didn't accidentally mismatch my socks this morning...yay for matching socks!

-- Our puppy Tanner (who now weights 48 pounds!! eek) went to the vet and got a clean bill of health.  The vet said they've never had a dog go from 5 lbs to 48 lbs in two months that wasn't fat.  That's hilarious to me....

-- I'm going to eat whatever I want this weekend.  That's the epitome of all happies.  'Nuff said.


--There is NO snow, which has been a crappie for the photography business.  I have some clients who scheduled sessions wanting snow, but we have to keep rescheduling until the weather decides to take a big snow dump onto Illinois.

-- Our puppy Tanner weights 48 lbs, meaning it's harder for me to lug him around.  He thinks he still weighs 5 lbs, and wants to be held.  He's the biggest baby you'll ever meet.  Pretty sure the hubby had to carry him into the vet this morning because he wouldn't walk in himself. 

--I get a tad stressed out around tax time.  Money itself is a stressful thang, but add taxes to it and I'm a bear to deal with.  I try to not sweat the small stuff, but I think it's easier said than done.

Right on, folks. 

Happy Friday!  Have a fabulous weekend. :-)


Jess @ Blonde Meets World said...

Ugh, girrrl, you people that wish for snow... I will never understand it!! Haha. I'd be happy if it never snowed here again. Except for maybe once every Christmas morning, but just a little bit.

What kind of dog do have?

Stephanie Wolfe said...

thanks for participating in happies and crappies! we hope you'll join us next friday!

Sarah @ Scissors and a Whisk said...

YAYYY for eating whatever the heck you want!! lol.

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