Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday Topics: Eight TV Shows

The Austin Family Diary

Yay for Tuesday Topics with Lauren and Tiffany!  This week's topic is pretty awesome: eight TV shows.

I love TV...I'm pretty much a boob tube junkie.  I watch a lot of TV, therefore I have approximately 123234 shows I like, and listed below are eight shows that I completely adore. 


I absolutely love Friends.  Every episode is hysterical.  "Joey doesn't share food!!"  Hahaha, hilarity at its finest, for shizzle.

The Big Bang Theory

Being a nerd myself, I adore this show.  The guy who plays Sheldon is seriously talented to remember all of those lines....

Dawson's Creek
Dawsons creek credits.jpg

An oldie but goodie right here.  What a great show!  I think we can all agree that Pacey was SO MUCH better than Dawson. :-)

Grey's Anatomy
The Grey's Anatomy Logo

Great show!   Although I think the show is coming to an end, it's still one that I never miss!

Glee title card.svg

I loved this show the first couple of seasons.  Even though it's lost some of its luster, in my opinion, I still watch it every week.

One Tree Hill
One Tree Hill original opening credits.jpg

I started watching this show in the past year or so and fell in love with it!  Even though I never watched it in its prime, it's still one of my favorites.  Thank goodness for Soapnet and Netflix! :-)

Gilmore Girls
Gilmore girls title screen.jpg

One of my absolute favorites!  The dialogue alone is amazing.... it's so unbelievably witty!  Fantastic show! 

Beverly Hills 90210

Another reason why Soapnet kicks ass....they play 90210 every single weekend.  One question though: how can all of this crap happen to people barely in their twenties..not to mention all of the crap that happened while they were still in High School?!  For real....talk about drama. ;-)

Happy Tuesday, peeps.


Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

Great choices! We had some of the same! Especially Gilmore Girls! :-)

Victoria said...

great list!

gilmore girls and FRIENDS are the best!

i stopped watching greys long ago;got to be too much drama and unhappiness lol

i am a tv junkie too :)

Sara said...

Love your picks. One Tree Hill is one of my favorites.

Andrea said...

Can't go wrong with Friends. The BEST!! I liked Dawson better than Pacey though :) And so true about 90210...loved it then, but thinking back on it there was A LOT of drama!


Amanda @ Life, Experience Needed said...

Great list, most of those I watch - love love love Gilmore Girls. I want to live in Stars Hallow

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