Monday, February 11, 2013

I'm Baaaaaaack

It's been about a week, but, I am back.  I took a little blogging hiatus while Darren and I were away in sin city, gambling away all of our hard-earned moolah.  ;-)

You know what's stinkin' hilarious?  We took one of our nice DSLR cameras to Vegas, and I took maybe 5 pictures on it the entire time.  The rest were taken on my craptastic cell phone.  The photographer in me is flipping me off right now....

So, I guess I can share what I learned this trip:

--Quit while you're ahead.  
--Do not make eye contact with anyone offering to give you discounted crap.  They will follow you.
--Wolfgang Puck makes awesome steak skewers and 'za.
--Michelob Ultra is my new beer of choice.
--If you get a large Eiffel tower tourist drink, you will be drunk in about three sips.

--Caramel cheesecake pops are phenomenal.
--The hotel we stayed at (MGM Grand) is the largest hotel in America.  Thank you to the lovely cabbie who told us a bunch of facts about Vegas. 
--Quit while you're ahead.
--Do not eat the prime rib at the Golden Nugget.  It is most likely more on the raw side. Yummy, right?
--Serendipity is still my favorite stop for a sweet treat, hands down.
--The Ghostbusters slot game is amazeballs.  It's all we wanted to play.
--Jet lag is no picnic.
--Quit while you're ahead.

Want to see some pictures?  Since I clearly suck, there aren't many to share.  Apologies....

Here's the view outside our hotel room.  Pretty fantastic. :-)

Here are some random pictures, in no particular order.

Light show at Fremont street

The Luxor was pretty bad ass.

Just like we're in ol' Parie...

Right on...right on..
Love the Bellagio.

All in all, it was a fun trip.  We've talked about making this an annual thing. :-)  We'll see if we're able to go again next year.  I hope so!

Happy Monday, peeps. 


Tamara said...

So glad you had a good time! I hear you on the picture thing - I don't have a DSLR camera, but the majority of my photos from when we went came from my iPhone and not my normal camera.
I didn't get the eiffel tower souvenir cup, I got the cowboy boot instead [like from 4 years ago] and I kid you not, I still use it on occasion at the house. I'm pretty classy in that way. Haha.

Claire said...

Fun!!! I wish I could go too!

Follow the Ruels said...

Looks like you had so much fun! I need to go back to Vegas...its been years!

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