Friday, February 22, 2013

Looking Ahead

First off, I just want to send out a mega-huge thank you to everyone who commented and messaged me about yesterday's post. After I hit the publish button, I still wasn't sure if I had done the right thing in sharing.  But after hearing some of your stories and all of your kind words, I knew I had done the right thing.  Thank you thank you thank you all so much!!  Seriously, your words/thoughts/everything else mean more than you could ever know! :-)

So, I need a plan.  A big plan.  A gigantic plan actually.  I need to focus more on me, my family and my photography business. 

I already have some things set in motion that take away some of the every day stress that really shouldn't be eating at me, and I want to get back into some things that have dissipated for no good reason:

 --Money is always a huge deal, and I think it's that way for a lot of people.  I've taken some small steps in hopes at getting us at a better place financially.  I'm looking forward to see where we are in a few months.

--I need to make a fitness plan that works for me.  I know I want it to consist of a running/walking plan, and there are some seriously awesome and amazing people that I can turn to with questions and advice! These girls are super inspiring, and if I'm lucky enough to be half as awesome as them, I know I'm doing something right.

--Eating right is another thing that I really need to get back into.  With all that's happened, and with how busy I have been, I've let the healthy eating slip away.  I know it's OK to have a free day, but, when you're free day turns into your every day, that's a problem.  I need to buckle down and do this for myself.

--Take more pictures for 'me.'  I take a ton of pictures, but, they are always for other people.  I need to take more time and venture out, and just take pictures for the pure enjoyment that it brings.  I love doing this, and need to make an effort to do it more.


As far as focusing more on my family, I really want to take advantage of our time together, especially since Ryder is getting older.  We can do more things as a family, and I really want to concentrate on what those things are.  Once the weather is nicer, I know it'll be easier to do this (RDub loves being outside) but, until then I have to come up with fun stuff to do inside (game night anyone?!) Spending as much quality time as I can with my boys is so incredibly important to me.  They are my world. :-)

I can't wait for the warmer weather so we can do this kind of stuff more often!


I have so many ideas for my photography business, I really have no idea where to begin.  Things are going very well, but, I really want to kick things up another notch.  I can safely say I've done this on the wedding aspect (10 weddings booked this year!!!) but I want to kick things up in other areas, like with newborn photography and attracting more seniors to the business.  I need to get some marketing tactics in line, and do some other things to amp up my business...but, that takes a lot of money too.  I just need to take it one step at a time.  It's so hard when you have so many ideas, and have a clear vision of where you want to be, but have no idea where to start because of the dolla' billz and the resources.  If I had more time, I would totally be a DIY junkie, which would make things so much easier and money friendly!

Sorry for the lengthy post guys!  Once I turn it on, it's hard to turn it off...

Did that sound dirty...? If so, I'm ok with it.

Have a great Friday, and an even better weekend!  I'm hoping the snow stays for at least a day so Ryder can enjoy for a little while.  We'll see....seeing as I live in Illinois, it could very well be 60 degrees tomorrow.  I wish I was kidding.

BYE! :-)


Emily said...

Hey girl,

Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster Award. Check it out here:


Abbey said...

Oh my goodness, you're too much. You're already just as awesome as me if not MORE. duh. And eating healthy is such a constant battle for me! But since I'm about to start training -- like REALLY training -- for my half, I've got to get my eating into shape too (see what I did there? haha).

Also? LOVE those sunset pictures! Bright sky + silhouettes of winter trees is one of my favorite combinations.

Tamara said...

Girlfriend, you are amazeballs. Your photography is seriously beautiful. I think you're heading in the right direction in changing your life - you're putting it out there to help hold yourself accountable! Writing it down is powerful. I know that I would never have gotten as far as I did last year with being healthier if I hadn't blogged about the experience and had such a great response from wonderful people [like you!]

You know both Abbey & I are here for you when you're ready to run/walk. We got yo' back girl.

I seriously SUCK at eating better. Before my first 13.1 miler, you know what I ate? Panda Express. It was amazing. Lol. I'm trying to get to a place where I go to good food instead of junk food, but it's a hard habit to break.

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