Thursday, February 14, 2013

My View on Valentine's Day

So, today is the day;  Valentine's Day.  The day when every teen becomes twitterpated and the day every man thinks is overrated (you know it's true). 

While I am not against the holiday, it's not one I hoot and hollar over. Darren and I exchange cards/flowers/candy/other stupid gifts, and wish eachother a happy Valentine's Day, but that's the extent of it.  We don't have a V-Day date night or anything, and we definitely don't go overboard with the gifts, if there are any in the first place.  We weren't always this way...let's go down memory lane for a minute.

1st V-Day together:  we went to...da da da...MCDONALDS.  YEP!  We sure did.  It was actually funny, and I wouldn't change it for anything.  I got to witness Darren scarf down a Big Mac in under 1 minute.  That, my dear friends, is something special.

The next year: Darren made dinner (which included a heart shaped biscuit bake..SUPER CUTE), and had laid Hershey's kisses and rose petals down on the table.  There were gifts exchanged as well. Very thoughtful....but, I think we were still in the stage where he wanted to impress me (like, duh!).  Well played, Darren. ;-)

The following year I did something for him...made dinner...I don't know.  I know it involved champagne somehow, because, you know, we're fancy bitches.

The next year was a real treat:  Darren cooked this pasta meal (after I asked him not to, since I would be working), which turned out awful anyway (the pasta's fault, not Darren's), but then, Darren bought me half-dead carnations.  I bawled like a flipping baby.  No joke.  Worst V-Day ever.  I laugh my ass off about it now, but back then, well, you know how it is....the sky was falling or some crap like that.

Every year since:  we haven't made a big fuss.  No dates, no special dinners, no big gifts, just us.  It's been nice.  There really aren't any expectations, which I think really takes the pressure off. 
I haven't always been this way.....
When I was younger, I used to be one of those obnoxious teeny boppers who expected huge ass bouquets of roses or small pieces of jewelry from my boyfriend.  Seriously, how stupid was I?  Why should I have expected a high school boy to spend all of his money on me for one day?  Idiotic, really.

So, now, my view is this.  V-Day isn't terrible, but it really isn't that special to me, or the hubby.  We celebrate it, kind of....but, in all honesty, why should one day outweigh all of the others?  I don't love the hubby any more today than I will tomorrow or the next day, so why give all of that extra attention for one day?  Hallmark and Fannie May have enough money, am I right?!

Let's be honest, today is really just Thursday.

Can you feel the love?  Hear hear!

Happy Valentine's Day Thursday, peeps. ;-)
 Enjoy the day, no matter how you're spending it!


Tamara said...

"Let's be honest, today is really just Thursday" - best line ever. Seriously, Alfred and I are the same way. We don't celebrate it, but we don't not celebrate it. He wished me a Happy V-Day this morning and I did the same and tonight we'll eat leftovers while we watch our kid play with her baby doll, so nothing out of the normal for us.

Darren said...

You should have known shit was getting serious when I took you to my favorite restaurant!!!

Darren said...

Oh yeah, I thought we were to never speak of that other Valentines Day ever again.....

Kendra said...

It always takes 'that one valentines day' to make your view on the day change completely. I was once that way too.. too many expectations..

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