Friday, February 1, 2013

We Have a Problem

The other night, Ryder did something he hasn't done in quite some time.  He woke me from my slumber, crying.  Even when he was super little, he was such a good sleeper, and transitioned well with most anything, that we never had to do the whole 'cry it out' thing.  [I know I know, all of you mommy's that went through that are wanting to come at me with sharp objects.  Trust me, I am super thankful that Ryder was such a good baby.] Anyway, Ryder had me up...a lot.  Everytime I would lay him back down in his bed and leave, he would start to bawl.  And then, I would hear his little footsteps running around in his room, crying hysterically.  At one point I did the unthinkable and *gasp* put him in bed with me.  That worked out well. <-----sarcasm.  Pretty sure the little shit was smacking me in the face with his 'lovey.'  So, back upstairs we went.  Something finally clicked with him, because that was the last peep I heard out of him.  It only took 2 hours to get this accomplished.  Let's just say I was a bit of a bear the next day.

Every night is the same thing...not as bad...but, it's been a struggle getting Ryder to stay in bed.  Once we put him to bed, leave the room, shut the door and get back downstairs, we hear his footsteps, and then you'll hear "Mama" and "Dada", and the slightest knock on his door.  On the other side is Ryder, trying to get out of his room. 

Ryder must be going through a stage, because that's the only explanantion for what's been going down at the Maurer crib.  We have a night light in his room, two actually, so I know 'poopyourpantsdarkness' is not the culprit.  I don't know.....I just know one of these mornings I'm going to go in there and he'll be asleep on the floor [which he has done before at nap time] or I won't be able to find him because he'll tuck himself somewhere clever, like under the bed, where I'll forget to look, because aint nobody got time for that.

Don't even get me started on how he's been when I drop him off at the sitters.  You'd think it's the end of the world!  Ryder has been super clingy with me lately, and the past few weeks of dropping Ryder off have been just terrible.  This morning was especially brutal.  He grabs my hands when he knows I'm getting ready to go, cries, and says "No Mama, no" repeatedly.  Talk about heartbreaking.

Toddlers=master manipulators.

Happy Friday peeps.  Have a great weekend!


WhisperingWriter said...

Ack, sounds exhausting.

Jillian Nicole said...

Honestly when my little girl started getting off her bed I started to leave a duvet folded and lying on the ground by her door. She was too short to reach the doorknob so could not get out... but she did not go back to bad after. So after finding her sleeping on the cold ground a few nights i put the quilt and she slept on that instead.
Now she can open the door and strangely sits outside the door waiting to be let in.... then I usually just put her back to bed.
Long story short - it is a phase and you have to ride it out :)

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