Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Cuties and Cake

I've been staying busy with sessions the last couple of months, and  I've had some great sessions recently with some adorable little sweeties that I wanted to share. :-)

This first little guy is Erin's little man, and he's absolutely adorable.  I LOVE seeing him every 3 months!  These are from his 9 month session.

Mr. Serious :-)

LOVE his eyes!! :-)

The next session I'm sharing was for a little guy turning 1!  He's another one that I'll miss seeing every three months.  He's such a cutie pie!

This is how it started.....

And it ended in complete cake destruction!  He destroys the cake even more after this point.  It was hilarious!

Have a happy hump day, peeps! ;-)


SH said...

The cake smash photos are my favorite! Too cute.

Hope you have a wonderful day :)

The Hartungs Blog

Lin said...

Oh my goodness, I'm getting major baby fever over here! Too cute.

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