Monday, April 8, 2013

eShakti Review

Recently, I was contacted by, asking if I'd like to do a product review.  This was my first inquiry for a product review, so I decided to really research the company to see if it suited me, and if the product was something I would really use.  Once I really looked at the site, I knew this is something I wanted to participate in.

eShakti is an online clothing boutique specializing in women's clothing.  Their motto is "Real fashion for real people", and when I was checking them out, I could definitely see that.  They have tons of different tops, dresses and skirts to peruse, which are offered in tons of different sizes (plus size too!!) but, do you know what really got me?  They have a customization option to where you can send in your specific measurements, and they customize the clothing for you! That's pretty awesome in my opinion, because I don't know how many times I have tried on tops and dresses, and they aren't long enough, or aren't big enough in certain areas and are too tight in other areas, etc.  It can be frustrating to say the least!

When I was trying to choose which product to try out, I wanted something that I knew I would wear.  One thing I noticed right away was they had a lot of choices for a girl like me.  I've said it time and time again: I'm not flashy when it comes to my clothes.  I tend to keep things simple, usually sticking to solid color tops, and it's a very rare occasion seeing me in a dress or skirt.  So, with that being said, I chose a top to review, and the design and style was stepping out of my comfort zone slightly.  I had my friend take all of measurements to send in so they could customize the size for me.  When I tried it on, I was actually very surprised.  It fit me like a glove!

Here are some pictures of the top I got, with me as the lovely model.  It's obvious I am in no way/shape/form a fashion blogger....haha. :-)

Here's the top itself. It's hard to see here, but it also has ruffles going down the sides.  It's not normally a top I'd wear, but I am in love with it!  

It has longer sleeves, which me and chubby arms more than appreciate.

It's longer, which I also love.  I can't tell you how many times I've really wanted to buy a top, but it was too short for my liking, and if I tried to buy a bigger size, it would just get wider instead of longer.

See?  I'm no fashion blogger....not by a long shot.  :-)  But, the top is nice, right?  It's such a light fabric, so it's super comfortable to wear all day.  I know I'll get a lot of use out of it, especially for work!

Want to check them out yourself?  I have a handy dandy banner along side my blog you can click on, or click here for the site.  They also have a Facebook page and a Pinterest account you can check out.

I also have a discount code for you all to use for anything you purchase!  Use code SMAURERBLOG and receive 20% off your order.  This is valid through April 20th, 2013.

So, if you're interested in trying a customized top, dress or skirt, give eShakti a try! :-)

**I was given a top to review for this post, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.**


Abbey said...

Ah, so cool that you got to review them! I've always thought it was nice that you could tailor your purchase to your measurements, but I always forget to shop there! You look great in the top you chose :)

WhisperingWriter said...


I got to review them as well. I really like their stuff.

Ami @ a champagne dream said...

I've been hearing about this company a lot lately. Great reviews and that top is awesome. Thanks for the review :)

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