Friday, April 19, 2013

Randoms on Friday...Yee Haw!

:::Everything that's been going down in Boston is insane.  I had no idea what was going on this all.  I hopped in my car to head to the grind, turned on the radio, and heard all of the horrific things that had happened through the overnight.  I listen to Elvis Duran in the mornings, and he always has a bunch of callers featured on the air during his morning show.  A couple of callers really struck a chord with me.  We really don't give our first responders or law enforcement enough praise, and not nearly enough credit for all that they do.  Some have been on duty for days on end.  I want to send a megahuge THANK YOU to all law enforcement/soldiers/first responders for every thing you do to keep us safe, especially in the wake of tragedy.  You are all amazeballs!  And, I am sending positive thoughts to everyone in Boston!  Stay safe, peeps. :-)

:::I'm also sending positive thoughts to everyone affected by the explosion in Texas.  To my blogger pals down in that area, I hope you're doing OK, and know that I'm thinking of you all.  Love ya' girlies! 

:::There are so many terrible things happening...I feel like I'm in the twilight's time for all of us to band together.  :-)

:::There have been horrendous storms rolling through the country.  Some parts are getting a shit ton of snow, and others (around my area) are dealing with torrential down pours of rain, not to mention the flooding, and high winds.  Some of you may not know, but I work in insurance.  Things have been crazy-ass busy for the past few days.  Here's how I feel about that:

:::Because of said flooding, my outdoor mini-session day scheduled for this Saturday had to be rescheduled, because my primary and back-up locations are flooded.  I also had to reschedule my Sunday session, which was also scheduled to be in one of these locations.  Here's how I feel about that:

:::My face is breaking out like I'm in my teens.  What the fudge?!  Here's how I feel about that:

See a trend? ;-)

:::Darren and I are having dinner with our friends tonight.  I'm super excited to see them both! 

:::Peanut butter and apples=awesome-sauce.  It's my new favorite snack!

Happy Friday, friends.  I hope you all have a freaking fantastic weekend, fo'sho'.  BYE! ;-)


Samantha Ciaccio said...

hahaha love your faces! <3

Darren said...

That last picture looks like you're pushing out a turd!!!!

Amy Green @ Sweet Home Amy said...

I've had acne lately too, so annoying! Have a good weekend!

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