Thursday, April 11, 2013


I need to get real you guys; I'm going a little insane.  My kid has turned into a little monster!  I've heard all about the terrible two's, but I didn't realize it would be this terrible.  For real, it's driving me bonkers and I'm this close  to losing my cool on a daily basis.  Maybe this is my fault since I was a teeny bit naive, and didn't prepare myself for the battles that would ensue in this stage.

The tantrums are about anything and everything, too, so there really isn't a rhyme or reason behind it all.  It's are some examples, my friends.

Ryder threw a fit because:

--I didn't put his sippy cup down in the right manner, or in the spot he wanted it put down at
--I said 'no' to a third bowl of Fruit Loops
--I asked if he wanted to watch Mickey Mouse instead of Spongebob
--I pulled out of the driveway
--I looked at him
--I took away his pacifier
--I took off his coat/hat/shoes
--We took away his second yo-yo so he would only be playing with one
--We asked him to sit on the potty
--I didn't let him play with my phone


See what I mean?  Don't get me wrong; he's still a little love bug when he wants to be, but, these tantrums are becoming more frequent.  We've tried numerous tactics and numerous different things, but, it has only gotten worse lately.  So, is this what it's going to be life for the next 2+ years?  Tantrums, fits and screams?  Not to mention, we are trying and trying  to break him of his beloved paci, and trying to potty train.  All of this is becoming increasingly difficult when he throws the tantrum of the century.  At this point, we just try to muddle through these fits, doing the best we can, and I guess that's all we can do.  Ryder is a little sweetheart, and I just wish he'd stick to that side of the spectrum a little more often. 

 I've been told that Ryder inherited my that's even true.  You guys believe me, right?! ;-)

If anyone has any advice, at all, or any words of encouragement, please, feel free to share.  I would greatly appreciate it!

Much love, peeps.  Take it easy!


Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

Aww, stay strong!

Jarrin :: Raquel :: Rocky said...

how old is ryder by now? jesus is just about 19 months and has been throwing fits/tantrums for about 2 months now.
and.its.bad. i can relate to you.
#1 thing that's helped me is just pray through the moment that God would help my patience and i would be able to control myself because if he sees me upset he's just going to get even more worked up
#2 advice from another mama - do you have a pack & play you keep out? we have one in a corner that we typical use as a "holding cell" if you will haha it served in the past as a place to stick him when we were cleaning (sweeping & mopping) or cooking and needed him out of the way. we always kept it loaded with his toys so he was easily entertained. this mama told me what she did with her kids as soon as the tantrums started. she had a basket that she kept her toys in and they were always outside the pack&play. when ever her baby started throwing a tantrum she would just put him in the pack&play until they stopped without the toys. they get the hang of it pretty quickly that they're doing something they shouldn't be. if she needed it as a 'holding cell' she put her baby there but made sure to give them the basket of toys. as soon as she took her child out of the pack&play the toys when straight back in the basket. these toys were only pack&play toys. they were typically ones he liked but she would swamp the toys out every once in awhile as well so they didn't get tired of the same old toys. something that's important to remember is that it's necessary to continually reiterate the fact that you still love ryder even when he is behaving badly -- reinforce that his actions don't change your love for him. he's young, but the more he hears that NOW in his disobedience, it'll carry on through the the later years when he begins to feel more emotions (shame, disgust, ect)
#3 we tried holding Jesus through the tantums -- even through the back thrashing/arching stuff and it was horrible. i know a mom who does this and it works wonderfully for her little girl -- but with Jesus it just seemed to amplify his tantrums.
#4 don't be afraid to keep trying new techniques -- and don't give up if what you hear on here doesn't work.
#5 read the connected child & the whole brained child -- life changing stuff in these books for raising kids -- they're AMAZING.

keep on keeping on and don't get too discouraged. don't judge you ability of being a good mama by his tantrums. every child goes through this stage!

hope that helped a little bit! :-]

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