Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Topics and Training

You're all in for a treat today.  I am participating in two, count 'em, two link-ups.  I've missed Tuesday Topics for too many weeks in a row than I'd like to admit, and Training Tuesday is just awesome.

So, first up is Tuesday Topics with the lovely Tiffany and Lauren. :-)

The Austin Family Diary

Today's topic is four sites I check daily.  Only four?!

Yep, I'm a Facebook addict.  I check it all of the time; not so much for my personal page, but more so for the business side of it.

Gah, so addicting!! There are so many great ideas for recipes, decorating and photography on that site.  I just can't get enough!

I'm still getting used to Twitter, and I don't use it as much as Facebook, but, I still check it daily to read all of your fabulous tweets. :-)

I still use Blogger dashboard to read all of your posts.  I'm still trying to get used to Bloglovin'...so until I do, Blogger dashboard it is! :-)

I also check IMDB daily, because I'm a movie geek, and Gmail to check all of my email addresses. :-)

Next up is Training Tuesdays with Abbey and Tamzilla. :-)

Healthy eating:  This has been going extremely well this time around.  I can't seem to shake my pop addiction, but, one a day isn't too terrible, right?  Abbey mentioned in a previous post about her eating habits, and how she started eating a more "whole food" diet, and really changed how she looked at food.  I've followed suit slightly, and I've gotta' tell ya', I feel SO MUCH BETTER physically.  I have more energy, and with the exception of the occasional grumpy attitude, I've felt much better emotionally as well.  I don't count calories, carbs, or anything like that.  I am trying to stay away from the artificial sweeteners, which included the switch from diet pop to regular.  I can already tell a difference.  I've been getting less headaches, my digestion (TMI?!) is right on track, and I just generally feel better.

Work Outs:  I've been walking more, but, I know I need to get my ass in gear fully if I want to be ready for the 5K in July.  I plan on starting the 30 Day Shred either tonight or tomorrow morning, and I really want to start adding a little running to my plan by the middle-to-end of next week. 

A few questions for all of you running fools:  what brand of shoes do you prefer?  What kind of attire do you recommend for running?  I know you guys have probably already done a post on your favorite goodies, but, I would appreciate any feedback or recommendations.  :-)

Happy Tuesday, peeps.  Make it awesome! :-)


Abbey said...

My shoes are from Reebok, but I just went to the store and tried on a bunch of pairs to see what felt best. I picked mine because they felt most natural on my feet -- not at all like new shoes -- and because they were really light, which I figured was a bonus. I'd say to not go with a brand just because you hear it's good but try on a few, even if you end up buying online, because maybe Reeboks are great for wide feet but you have narrow feet, and that's the kind of thing you can figure out in the store.

You've already seen my post today about gear. The only other thing I have to say, I guess, is that you can start with basics, in non-fancy running clothes. I started in free tshirts and shorts I had from way back when, and as I ran, I figured out where it was worth to invest. So, like, when I figured out I got chub rub (Tamara's term for when your thighs rub together and chafe) I bought the shorts with the spandex underneath and some capris. And cotton shirts work well until you're running miles and miles or running in 90 degrees and sweating buckets, because then cotton traps all the moisture and you end up with a soaked shirt. That's when you need to look into technical shirts.

So I guess my advice for starting out is to start with what you have or with just a few basic purchases and then figure out where you can best spend your money.

Anyway. SO glad to hear you're liking eating more whole foods! It's still a struggle for me sometimes. I just scarfed half a donut, but I guess half is better than whole. haha. And I'll be excited to hear about 30-day shred. I'm trying to figure out what I'll do after my half, and I've been thinking about that program! :)

Have a great day, Sara!

Amy said...

Those are all some of the sites that I visit daily, too! And good luck training for your 5K! I agree, once you start to eat more whole foods, it completely changes how you look at things! I gave up sugar for April, and so now that I'm in the habit of checking ingredients for sugar, I'm learning a lot about what I put in my body!

Tamara said...

I can totally relate to your TMI. I've never been, uhh regular, but over the past month where I've made a conscious effort to eat healthier foods - I'm alllll on track.


Also, yay for being a Shredhead with me! I started level 2 this past week and yeah, you're going to hate me for convincing you to jump on board the Jillian tree. I seriously thought that to myself as I was trying to do some devil walking push-up plank crap.

Running: I'm with Abbey. Find a shoe that's comfortable to you. When I first started, I wore some old Under Armour shoes that I bought because they were pretty. They did the job just fine. Right now I run in Mizuno's Waveriders (LOVE THEM) but I didn't take the plunge to buy new ones until I felt like I was sticking with running. You may start and find out you don't really care for it - instead you want to Jillian it up. Everyone's preference is different.
Workout clothes - I started out in old sweats and old t-shirts I had lying around. I can't wear shorts (chub rub, for the win!) so I eventually ended up buying nike capris (love them!) and that's what I mostly workout in now. I should probably do a post on my running gear at some point. I just never think I'm serious enough of a runner to do that! haha.

meg m said...

I wear Asics. we have this store that is really a grocery store but way in back the guy has like a million pairs of asics. it is the shadiest looking spot in the world and sometimes he reminds me of the soup nazi because he makes you try on a million pairs of shoes and doesn't care if you like them or not, he just makes sure they fit you properly for the activity you want to do. sounds intense but I'm in love with my asics and probably won't go back. that being said I am NO expert!
as for clothing I have one pair of lululemons long pants that have been the only thing I have been running in. they seriously never move!
BUT the price is ridiculous (hence why I only have one pair, they were a gift) but if you do find cheaper, quality workout pants let me know!

Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

I used to be constant dashboard, but after I organized all my blogs into groups on bloglovin, it became my favorite!

ShaunaQ said...

I check the same sites! But I use IMDB to see if movies are appropriate for my teenager to watch with us. I love it! It gives detailed info about what might appear in the movie so I can make the judgement.


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