Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I Don't Know How I Did it All

This last Saturday, we had 8 sessions.  Yep...8!  Some of them were mini-sessions that had been rescheduled due to crappy weather, but was busy! Saturday we pretty much had back to back sessions all day, and we didn't finish until after 8pm.  Sunday, I had two sessions in the morning.  It was such a busy, fun, productive, stressful, tiring and wonderful weekend. :-) 

I have finished editing some of the sessions, so here are some pictures for you all to peruse.

This little man is getting SO big!  He is such a doll. :-)

I haven't seen this little lady since she was a newborn.  Now she's 6 months old!  She is such a gorgeous little girl. :-)

These girls were a blast!

This family was a ton of fun.  The little girl did NOT want to smile for me, at all.  The scrunchy faces are still super cute!


This couple was so adorable.  The groom-to-be was all about the snuggles, kisses and flirting, which makes my job a breeze!

Notice the rival shirts they were wearing?!  I loved it!  I can't until their wedding next month. :-)

That's all I'll share for today.  I have a few more sessions to share, but, I'll save them for tomorrow or another day this week.

Happy Wednesday, peeps!

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