Friday, May 10, 2013

Overcast, but Extremely Successful

Last weekend, the weather pretty much sucked.  I had to reschedule two outdoor sessions that were supposed to happen last Saturday, but because mother nature pretty much bit the big one, they didn't happen.  I rescheduled one for Sunday, and I thought we were in the clear.  It was sunny and gorgeous all morning/mid-afternoon, but about 30 minutes before the session, it started sprinkling.  Really?!  We lucked out and the rain subsided for the next 90 minutes, but, still, a little sunshine would have been nice too.

So, I really want to share these sneak peeks of Tess' family with you all, overcast background/sky and all.  They turned out super cute, and seriously, how adorable are their two boys?!

They pulled off this one so well!  It's one of my favorites. :-)

Another one of my favorites.  Isn't the oldest boy's face priceless?!

Another one of my favorites.

These two are such little cuties!

They are such an adorable family, and we had a great time with them, even with the lack of sunshine!

Happy Friday, friends.  Have a fantastic, fun-filled weekend.  :-)


Tanika Rice said...

adorable pictures!!

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