Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tuesday Topics: Nine Pictures of Me and Darren

Well, I've been out of the blogging loop for almost a week, enjoying such much needed time away from everything, and enjoying my family. Even with the break, I can't miss linking up with two of my favorite girls!
Life. Love.Lauren
Linking up with Lauren and Tiffany for another round of Tuesday Topics! :-) Today's topic is a post of 9 pictures of me and my bestie, who happens to be my hubby, Darren. We've been through a lot the last 9 years (4 1/2 as a married couple), and I can't wait to experience many more years together!  I can tell him anything, and I know he'll be there for me no matter what.  He is an amazing person, a wonderful father, and, in all honesty, the man of my dreams. :-)

Have you rolled your eyes at all of the sweetness yet, haha. ;-)

On our way to Vegas in 2012 

Wedding day, October 2008

I'll remember this day forever!

Ugly pictures are our favorite :-)

LOVE random pictures with my guy

All dressed up

Fun at a wedding

Vegas 2013.  Can't wait to go back...hopefully next year!

See, we love the ugly pics! 

Happy Tuesday, peeps.  Take it easy!


Sarah said...

Love the Statue of Liberty picture!

Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

I know this may sound all weird, but you have really great cheeks! They accent that awesome smile of yours!

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