Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tuesday's are for Topics and Training

Yep, you guessed it: another double link-up today. Hoo-rah, let's get on it!

Linking up with my girls Lauren and Tiffany for Tuesday Topics.
The Austin Family Diary
Today is all about bucket lists. Well, seeing as I've never really created a bucket list, I think I'll fly off of the cuff for this one.

Go whale watching
Alaska Whale Tours

I would love to go whale watching at some point in my life.  I would probably be terrified a majority of the time (they are huge, right?!), but, it would be so neat to see whales in their natural habitat, just chillin' out and splashing away. 

Visit Europe

Rome, Paris, England, Greece...all amazing sites!  It's my dream to visit all of them!  One day, I hope to say "Been there, done that." ;-)

Next up, linking up with some of my favorite ladies, Abbey and Tamzilla, for Training Tuesdays.

I'm going to real for a sec. guys:  I have been frustrated lately.  I am lacking some serious motivation, I've been getting discouraged, and the other night I was almost in tears to Darren because it's all just so.damn.hard.

I'm still eating clean, for the most part, and I still generally feel better.  I know that's  very important, but so is everything else.  I need to fit more exercising/fitness into my daily routines, I just feel like I have zero time to fit every little thing in.  I know, sounds like an excuse, right?  More than likely, yes, it is a little excuse.  But, if you know me at all, you know I am, for lack of a better word, crazy-ass busy.  I know, excuses....

I need to get out of this funk.  I need to work harder on myself.  I just need to get it done. 

Let's hope this is just a phase, and I can get back the motivation I once had.  I succeeded at this once before, I know I can I do it again.  Time to put on my game face and become the bad-ass I know I can be!

Happy Tuesday, peeps! :-)


Abbey said...

You know, sometimes it's all just too much. Once, after I had been eating cleaner for about two weeks, I didn't have time to eat before heading to my sister's to watch a basketball game. We stopped at sonic and I had the world's HEALTHIEST dinner of chedder poppers (aka fried cheese) and onion rings.


Keep your head up. Let yourself mess up a bit, rest a bit, whatever you need. The motivation will return. Promise.

AiringMyDirtyLaundry said...

I hope the funk ends for you soon.

I'd love to go whale watching sometime. I have been to Europe before. I'd like to go back though.

Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

Whale watching sounds fun!

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