Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Back to Topics and Training

I've got two link-ups for you again this Tuesday, and I'm happy to be back to doing both. :-)

Life. Love.Lauren
I adore all of these ladies.  Linking up with Lauren, Tiffany, Abbey and Tamzilla today.

Today is eight goals for this month.  Well, these pertain a lot to training/weight loss/healthy things, so, I guess these two link-ups can be wrapped into one today. :-)

{Continue eating healthy}
I've done pretty well at sticking with the healthy eating.  It may not always be clean eating, but, I am proud as to where I am compared to where I was.

{Work-out 3-5 times per week}
I joined the gym.  I know, I'll give you all a minute to pick up your jaws from the floor.  But, I am actually excited and happy I did this.  So, I want to try to work out 3-5 times per week, depending on what other things we have going on (sessions, family obligations, etc).

{Run for 'X' minutes straight}
I want to be able to run...and run for 'X' amount of minutes straight.  I want to leave this goal a little loose, because I know I'll be proud no matter how many minutes I'm able to run straight. :-)

{Pack my breakfast and lunch daily}
I run out of time in the mornings, so, I usually just grab something in our cafeteria or something while I'm out on lunch.  This week, I've been good with getting healthier options, but, they aren't always cost effective.  I want to try to be better about packing and bringing my own breakfasts and lunches this month.

{Family pictures}
The last time we had family pictures taken, Ryder was 11 months old.  He is now 2 1/2.  I'd say we're a little overdue.  Plus, I really need to get some pictures put up on my walls, so, might as well get some new photos to display. :-)

{Save $$}
We have quite a bit coming up, and, I need to start putting some extra $$ away.  Easier said than done. ;-)

{Find new, healthier meals to make for home}
I need to do a lot of research and find some new recipes to make at home that are healthier.  It's hard sometimes, because we are usually on the go, so it's easier and more convenient to just grab something on our way out or on our way home.  I really want to be better at this!

{Buy some new work-out gear}
I need some new work-out pants and shirts.  So much for saving all of that $$, huh?!  Ha, I'll try to find some things more cost effective.  Wish me luck! :-)

Happy Tuesday, peeps.  Take it easy!


Jessie said...

Gah... I need some work out gear too. I saw that Old Navy has some stuff on sale.

Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

These are all really good goals! I want every single one of these!

Tamara said...

These are great goals!
1. Yay for healthy eating! I'm the same way, not everything is clean but I am proud of where I am now compared to where I was this time 6 months ago. We just have to keep reminding ourselves we're a work in progress!
2. 3-5 times a week is great! I love that you allowed yourself some flexibility in it so that if you miss a day you don't feel like it's wasted and there's no point in going back.
3. You know I love me some running, so I'm fist pumping like a maniac at the idea of you running for X amount of minutes straight.
4. Girl, are we the same person?! I'm working on packing my breakfast & lunch too! I don't always make the healthiest choice whenever I'm crunched on time.
5. Girl, we've NEVER had family pictures. Sar from Life of Love keeps trying to work something out with me but life gets in the way. Also, Ryder & Lillie must be like the exact same age. Her bday is Nov.16.
6. Save money. Me too girl. A really great phone app is called mint.com - I LOVE IT. It automatically sorts your purchases (it links to your bank/credit cards/loans/etc)and you create budgets for it - during the month you can review and see how much you're spending. Seriously download it. It's also online so I check it constantly. It's helped cut my grocery bill by like $200 bucks.
7. Healthy meals are hard at home, especially on the go. A great easy recipe (provided you like fish) is baked tilapia. I buy the frozen fillets, defrost in water, put them on an aluminum covered pan, dot with butter & lemon juice and sprinkle wiht lemon pepper. Bake in the oven for like 12 minutes on 350 - the husband LOVES it. The kid could do without, but it's a quick, easy recipe. I'll grab a steam bag of cauliflower/broccoli mix and dinner is done baby!
8. What Jessie said - Old Navy has a really great active line now and they always have good prices. I get things from Marshall's and Ross too. Also, Zulily.com has sales for active wear a lot of the time.

Abbey said...

So many good goals! And YAY joining a gym! My go to is JC Penny. They ship online shopping to store fo free. Ideal.

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