Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tuesday Topics: 7 Things About My Job

Linking up with two of my favorite ladies, Lauren and Tiffany, for Tuesday Topics. :-)

Life. Love.Lauren
Today is 7 things about my job. 

Hold on to your butts, things are about to get nuts.

Not really.  And here's why.

I work in Insurance.  Remember this post??  But, I'll let you decide if my profession is 'sexy', or if it leaves little to be desired. ;-)

:::I've worked here for 7 years, all of which have been in the same department.  Go me.

:::I am the coordinator for glass claims, and I am currently the back up coordinator for road service claims.  So, if you have issues or questions with your windshield/other glass on your vehicle, or have problems or need information on towing or other types of road service, I'm your girl.

:::I've had pretty lengthy conversations with Darren, my family, and some of my friends about claims and insurance in general. Gotta' share my wealth of knowledge....right?! ;-)

 Riveting conversation, no?

:::I've taken a few courses to earn me 'fancy' insurance designations so I can put letters behind my name in my email signature and on other letters/correspondence.  I know, I know, that's pretty bomb-diggity right thurrr.

But hang on, things are really going to pick up now......

:::The job is sedentary, meaning, I sit at a desk allll day long.  I try to get up and move around, stretch, and just walk around, but, I've been super busy lately and my ass hasn't left my chair.  But hey, my chair is pretty sweet.

:::I have made some great friends working here.  Many have left and gone on to other gigs, but some of my very best work friends are still here. :-)

:::I've become increasingly picky out my pens since working here.  They have to have a medium point....none of that 'fine point' shit.

So, pretty sexy....yes? Haha. :-)

Happy Tuesday!!


Anonymous said...

I fill out insurance applications all.day.long. No fine tip pens for me, it has to be an 07 or higher!:)

Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

haha where as me being a nurse I will take any kind of pen! They are few and far between with people swiping them and leaving them places! My aunt works in insurance too.

Samantha Ciaccio said...

So sexy! :)

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