Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Phone Dump

Here are some pictures from my phone that I've taken recently.  They are all of Ryder, but I'm sure no one is shocked or surprised by this, #amiright?

Potty training is fun....said no parent EVER!

However, seeing him in big boy underwear makes my heart melt. <3 cute are these boxer briefs?? Love them!

Ryder loves spending time with our extended family, so, this is the face he made when we were done having dinner out with some of them.

It seriously broke my heart.  All he wanted was his Auntie Kinzey and Uncle Jeff.  Luckily, he saw them about 20 minutes later when we all went bowling! :-)

This kid loves hats. He'd wear them all of the time if I'd let him....

He's getting so big.   I can't believe he's two and a half already!  He went to the doctor last week, which went extremely well.   That's another post entirely. :-)

Happy Wednesday, peeps.  Today is my Friday, whoop whoop!!! Have a fantastic, happy and safe 4th of July holiday!!

1 comment:

Samantha Ciaccio said...

He is so stinking cute!!!

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