Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tuesday Topics: Four Things I Learned Outside of School

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It's time for Tuesday Topics!  Linking up with Lauren and Tiffany for today's topic, which happens to be four things I've learned outside of school.

{Be who you want to be}
It's ok to be in band, sports, clubs, or to not be into anything at all.  It's ok to rock out to that classical song; it's ok to read that comic book.  You want to wear mis-matched socks?  It's ok!!  It's ok to be yourself...to be who you want to be.  Make yourself happy first, and don't try to mold yourself to what other people think you should be.  Be uniquely you. :-)  Do what makes you happy, and don't worry about what others may think.

{Don't sweat the small stuff}
I'm still learning this every day.  I still stress out about things that aren't worth it, but, I'm getting better at not getting all hyped up over nothing.  There are still certain things that may set me off, but, I've learned that sometimes, it's just not worth the stress, anger, or the fight. It's really not.

{True friends are always there}
I've seen a lot of friends come and go throughout the years.  Some I miss terribly, others, well, let's say I'm not losing any sleep over them not being around.  However, I have a few close friends that I still consider some of my very best friends.  It doesn't matter how long we go without seeing one another....because when we finally get together, it's like there was no time apart at all.  That's what it's all about.

{How to love}
School doesn't teach you how to love....life teaches you how to love; parents/guardians teach you how to love; you teach yourself how to love.  I love with my whole heart, and that's something I've learned over time, throughout the years, and through different experiences.  There are different ways to love....different kinds of love.....and I'm happy to say that I have experienced a lot of love.

Whew....that's some deep shit right there, guys.  I'm interested to see what else I learn in the years to come.

Happy Tuesday!

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Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

There are always new things to learn and learning these are all great lessons!

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