Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tuesday Topics: One Lifelong Dream

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Linking up with Lauren and Tiffany for Tuesday Topics.  Today's topic is the last one for this round, but because these ladies are seriously awesome, they already have a new group of topics ready to start next week! :-)

So, one lifelong dream, huh?  Well, it may not seem very original, but, a pretty big dream of mine is to be completely debt free, and be able to build our dream house (complete with a photography studio!!), while continuing to stay out of debt.  I'm not asking much, right?! Haha.

I mean, how much could it possibly cost to build one of these homes.... I'm thinking an arm, a leg, maybe a kidney...and a lot of cheddah'.........
 Traditional exterior Portland 530x352 at Comfortablehomedesign.com

Beautiful windows for traditional exterior 530x352 at Comfortablehomedesign.com

Traditional exterior Woodland Point Boston 530x281 at Comfortablehomedesign.com

Traditional exterior Western Country House 530x352 at Comfortablehomedesign.com

Happy Tuesday, peeps.  Take it easy!!

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