Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Double Trouble Tuesday

I'm joining in two different link-ups today beacuse, well, I want to.

The end. ;-)

First up, I'm linking up with Lauren and Tiffany for Tuesday Topics. 
The Austin Family Diary

Today's topic is three pieces of jewelry.

Well, I hate to disappoint, but, I am not much of a jewelry person.  I don't wear bracelets, earrings, or necklaces.  I wear my wedding set and a watch.  Watches count, right?

I love my rings and my watch.  I wear all three every day.  I'm hoping to get another wedding band this year for our 5 year wedding anniversary!  *hint hint Darren* ;-)

 I'm also linking up with Abbey and Tamzilla for Training Tuesday! :-)

Clean Eating:  This has been going pretty well, throughout the week at least.  Weekends are more of a struggle since we're always on the go, go, go! But, I am still feeling much better physically and emotionally and I have much more energy.  I snapped a pic of what I eat every day.  It's really been working for me, so, I haven't really strayed from this menu:

Greek Yogurt for breakfast
Banana for a snack
Greek Yogurt, carrots, cheese snack for lunch
Apple/Peanut Butter for a snack

It may not seem like much, but, I've been trying to eat every two hours, and that has definitely helped. 

Workout Attire: Last week, after advice from all of you lovely ladies, I decided it was time to shop around for a new pair of work-out shoes.  Based on my feet and what was the most comfortable for me, I got a new pair of Nike Dual Fusion shoes, and they are pretty sweet. 

They are so comfortable, and are a bit wider than the other pairs I was trying on.  I wanted a pair that would work for the different work-outs I have planned, and these definitely fit the bill. :-)

Work-Out Update: Still walking.....I didn't realize how out of shape I was!  It's been getting easier, but still, when you go so long without doing a damn thing, it's hard to get back into it all.  I have yet to get my ass kicked by Jillian, but I'll hopefully have an update on that front next week.  Wish me luck, yo'. 

Happy Tuesday!

Cash Up for Grabs

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Here is the giveaway post, straight from the lovely Allie's blog. :-)


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Monday, April 29, 2013

Bird Poop and a Challenge

Seriously, how is it already Monday?!  This past weekend flew right on by at light speed.  What the hell....no fair. 

So, this past Saturday was pretty busy.  We had our first wedding of the year down at Lake Bloomington, and it felt great to get back into wedding photography.  It was a smaller wedding, so it was a good way to jump right back into it!  We have a little break with the weddings for now, but not for too long.  We have two more (one of them is out of state!!) coming up in June!  Although we have a small break from the weddings, we are still pretty busy with other sessions, which is awesome.  I'm excited for everything to finally bloom so I can spend more time with outdoor sessions.  I love being able to offer indoor as well, but, there's just something about being outside and using all of that glorious natural light.  Can't wait! :-)

Anywho, I have a story for you......

The wedding this past Saturday was an outdoor ceremony at Lake Bloomington.  The ceremony overlooked the lake itself, and we were able to take almost all of the photos outside.  I was in the middle of taking pictures of the wedding party, and had just got done fixing the spacing/posing/etc, when all of a sudden I felt something fall on me.  I lifted my hand up immediately, brought it back down, only to discovery a bird had pooped above me, and I had somehow caught it when I lifted my hand.  Yes, you heard that right: a bird shit on my f'ing hand.  What the hell?!  I wasn't embarassed, because what could I have done?  Not to mention, I wanted to stay as professional as possible, but jeeze....really?!  They all told me I should go play the lotto because apparently when a bird decides to take a shit on you, it's good luck.  Needless to say, it was a first for me, and I'm hoping it was the first and last time it happens, but, you never know I guess.

In other news, in my quest for a healthier/more active lifestyle, I have decided to join Jess at Operation Skinny Jeans and a bunch of other awesome peeps for the 10 Week Challenge.

The challenge itself is pretty simple.  It runs for 10 weeks, and you set goals for yourself for what you'd like to accomplish throughout the challenge.  They can be weight/size/fitness/healthy eating goals, and there is a private Facebook group we're all members of to help us all stay accountable.  There is a mini-challenge each week that we can participate in as well, just to kind of help us stay on track.

The challenge for this first week was to take a "before" picture of our fridge.  Want to see it?  It's not pretty....

We aren't pop drinkers, are we? Haha.  I try to only have one per day, which is easier to stick to during the week than when we are running around on the weekends.

I'm really excited to see where these next 10 weeks take me.  The challenge ends on July 4th, which takes me right up to The Color Vibe 5K run that I signed up for on July 6th.  Darren has been super supportive and amazing with all of this, and being able to be more active with my little guy makes it so much easier to stick with the healthier stuff. :-)

Love my boys. :-)

Happy Monday, friends.  Make it a good one!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Picture Blast

I've been really bad about sharing sneak peeks from sessions with you all.  If you follow my Facebook business page, you've probably seen all of these.  If not, are you ready for a sneak peek overload?
First up is a session I had for this little man's first birthday.  

I took his newborn pictures as well....look at how teeny tiny he was! 

Now he looks like a little man!  I can't believe he's one!

Next up is this adorable newborn girl.  She kept me on my toes with not wanting to stay asleep, but, it was still an awesome session!  Her dad is in the military, so we came up with some neat things to do with some of his gear.  They were surprise pictures for him, so I didn't post sneak peeks, but now that he's seen them, I will definitely get them up later for you all to see.  They are adorable!

 Her aunt bought this mermaid outfit and we decided to incorporate it in the session.  :-)

I just love baby lips!

I love getting to see these three!  They are so much fun and great friends/clients! :-)

Adorable, right?!  I love this one!

He's getting so big!

He decided to play peek-a-boo.  I just love this little guy!

I was able to reschedule three out of the ten Spring Mini-Sessions for this past weekend.  The families opted for an indoor option, and it was great seeing all of the cuties and the families. :-)

This first little man is such a doll!  He's an active little guy, and he was cracking me up the entire time.

Next up was Kelsey's family.  I love getting to see these guys, but as you can see, little man was not impressed or interested in seeing me. :-)

Finally got a smile out of him!  Too bad it was at the end of the session.... haha. :-)

My last session to share turned out super cute.  I went to High School with Molly, and I was super excited to meet her hubby and her adorable baby girl!

love her eyes!! So beautiful!

Sorry for the picture overload guys.  I'll try to be better about posting these more frequently so there aren't 109312390 pictures in a single post. 

I've been staying pretty busy, which is awesome! I am completely booked up in May and June, so it looks like the busy bustle will continue. :-)

Happy Friday!!! Enjoy today and have a great weekend! 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Random Thursday: Items I Splurge On

The weekend is almost in sight!!  Thank goodness....with the weather changes this week, my sinuses and allergies have been kicking my ass.  I'm hoping that those ailments don't continue, because it'll be the weekend, and they'll just know to stay away from me.  A girl can dream right?

Today, I am linking up with Em, Lin and Meg for Random Thursday!

Today's randomness is about...

I don't splurge on typical "woman stuff"....you know, like clothes, makeup, jewelry, hair stuff, etc...

The only 'girly' items I really splurge on are boots (not with a heel, just Uggs) and purses.  

I want this purse, among a million others.  Isn't it cute?!

:::I tend to splurge on camera gear/props/backdrops/antiques for different sessions.  There is too much cool stuff out there, how can I not buy it?!  I am so thankful for Etsy!  I've found some wonderful things at such good prices from those different shops.  Too  bad most of my camera gear is super expensive, so every camera and/or camera gear purchase is a gigantic splurge.

:::I also like to splurge on electronics....you know, TV's; gaming systems; computers; Blu-Ray players....that kind of garbage.  Trust me, these purchases are few and far between, but it's nice to be able to splurge on them from time to time.

:::Last, but certainly not least, I like to spend a little extra money to go on vacations.  Whether it is a short trip, or a week-or-more-long getaway, I think it's worth the money.

Hello lover, I'll see you in October. :-)

What do you all splurge on?

Happy Thursday! 

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