The Face Behind the Blog

Hello everyone! My name is Sara Maurer, formerly Potter, not to be confused and/or associated with Harry.  Welcome to my neck of the web!

I am your ordinary wife/mother/daughter/friend with a love for tons of cool stuff.

I have a hubby, Darren, whom I affectionately call D-Ron, or 'Hey---you!'  Just kidding on the last bit...maybe.

He likes to make faces like this on purpose.  I still love him, though. ;-)

We have an almost 2 year old, which leaves us busy, and with slightly less hair since we're always pulling it out from all of the madness.

He may be a crazy kid, but he's still a sweetie and SO MUCH FUN! :-) 

So, some thangs about me:

I love movies--all kinds, all genres.  I dig 'em.  There are few movies that I won't at least sit through.   Ever heard of "Twitch of the Death Nerve" or "Nukie"?  No?  Well, I sat through both of those movies from start to finish, so I guess it's safe to say my movie passion is genuine.

I am a professional photographer on the side.  By day, I work my regular full-time gig, and at night/weekends/whenever else time permits, I am booking sessions and having a blast taking pictures.  The hubby is my partner in crime.  He helps with the weddings, and helps with the editing.  We are a pretty good team. :-)

I am currently enrolled in school to obtain an official degree in photography.  It's been interesting so far.  I am about half way done.  Whoop whoop!

I like to cook and bake different things.  Sometimes.

I love reading when time permits.  I may/may not be a Twi-hard.

Ok, I'm a Twi-hard.

Not to mention, I am a sci-fi/fantasy geek.  I love Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and a bunch of Marvel flicks.  I've been to a few Twilight/Harry Potter release parties in  my day.  I'm cool like that.

I like watching Big Foot shows. 

The end.

BYE! ;-)

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